Business Tourism

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You have to work, but you would also like to enjoy yourselves. In fact, you partly work in order to be able to do just that. Yet, when was the last time that enjoyed yourself while attending a congress or a meeting - WHILE working?! Kvarner is a place where this is definitely possible.

Kvarner´s 150-year-old-tradition in business tourism guarantees the quality and diversity of the offer and professional service of the highest standards. Opatija, a beautiful town with numerous Austro-Hungarian villas, a mundane atmosphere and a timeless offer in which everything is adjusted to ensure the comfort of the guests, is the region's number one business tourism center.

Together with the nearby City of Rijeka, Opatija offers over 15,000 seats in over 130 halls, all equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Of course, there are other tourist destinations with facilities suitable for organizing business gatherings as well. Their exquisite ambiances ensure an ideal experience combining work, relaxation and pleasure. It is truly possible!

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