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Hotel Omorika






Address: M. Muževića bb, 51260 Crikvenica
Tvrtka: Jadran Crikvenica d.d. Crikvenica
Phone: +385 51 785 023
Fax: +385 51 785 015
Category: ***

Year of construction: 1973
Total number of rooms: 115

Hotel Omorika
Size and capacity:
Name of location Surface area (m2) Seating capacity
Congress Hall I 400 300
Congress Hall II 100 80


Vila Ružica






Address: Bana Jelačića 1, 51260 Crikvenica
Company name: Vila Ružica d.o.o.
Phone: +385 51 241 959
Fax: +385 51 781 600
Category: ***

Year of construction: 1912 year of reconstruction 2002
Total number of rooms: 36
Double rooms: 12
3 bed: 12
4 bed: 12

Vila Ružica
Size and capacity:
Name of location Surface area (m2) Auditorium Classroom "Board room"
Vila Ružica 250 120 45 35
Villa Coltelli 30 35 - 20

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    Vinodol Summer Evenings

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  • 01.07.-31.08.2022,sss Selce

    Crikvenica Summer Showtime

    Every night of the week on the Crikvenica Riviera brings some form of entertainment. It is a interesting programme of events called Crikvenica Summer Showtime, which, organized by the Tourist...
  • 06.07.-07.09.2022,sss Novi Vinodolski

    Around the old town

    Experience a mosaic of old crafts, taste unique products, enjoy the scents of the Mediterranean accomparied by the sounds of choir and musicians.   Photo by Studio Saršon
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