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Hotel Omorika





Address: M. Muževića bb, 51260 Crikvenica
Tvrtka: Jadran Crikvenica d.d. Crikvenica
Phone: +385 51 785 023
Fax: +385 51 785 015
Category: ***

Year of construction: 1973
Total number of rooms: 115

Hotel Omorika
Size and capacity:
Name of location Surface area (m2) Seating capacity
Congress Hall I 400 300
Congress Hall II 100 80


Vila Ružica





Address: Bana Jelačića 1, 51260 Crikvenica
Company name: Vila Ružica d.o.o.
Phone: +385 51 241 959
Fax: +385 51 781 600
Category: ***

Year of construction: 1912 year of reconstruction 2002
Total number of rooms: 36
Double rooms: 12
3 bed: 12
4 bed: 12

Vila Ružica
Size and capacity:
Name of location Surface area (m2) Auditorium Classroom "Board room"
Vila Ružica 250 120 45 35
Villa Coltelli 30 35 - 20

  • 06.07.-31.08.2016, Novi Vinodolski

    Around the Old town / Okolotorno

    Experience a mosaic of old crafts, taste unique products, enjoy the scents of the Mediterranean accomparied by the sounds of choir and musicians. Walk around the Old town every Wednesday.

  • 14.07.-18.08.2016, Dramalj

    Melodies with a Taste of the Sea

    Do you know how melodies sound with a taste of the sea? We have found two perfect places where the music sounds even better and warms our hearts even more. The quaint coastal towns of Dramalj and Jadranovo are the perfect hosts for such events. The beautiful nature, the murmur of the sea, and the romantic atmosphere give the well-known melodies a totally new dimension.

  • 15.07.-20.08.2016, Bribir

    Vinodol's Summer Evenings

    Vinodol's Summer Evenings offer a combination of concerts of classical music and the concerts of ethno music and especially the locals of Vinodol. Concerts are held on attractive locations of castles and churches in Vinodol.

  • 16.07.-30.07.2016, Jadranovo

    "Jakovlja 2016." / St. Jacob`s Days