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Kvarner is a region distinguished by lush landscape, a wealth of natural features and a rich offer. The region’s gastronomy is also diverse and rather difficult to describe in simple terms.

The cuisine of the coastal area (Primorje) and the islands is based on fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables and, of course, olive oil. In addition to these common features, there is a whole range of particular features characteristic of different areas, so that each particular area will offer you the possibility of savoring a few local specialties as well.

In the region's inland, the forest-covered Gorski kotar, you will be able to enjoy the taste of mushrooms, fruits of the forest and game. Whatever part of the region you find yourselves in, do not forget to taste the excellent Kvarner wines and homemade brandies enriched with aromatic herbs.

The numerous restaurants, taverns and bistros adjust their menus and complete service to the wishes of the guests. Whatever cravings you might have, rest assured that you will find a delicious, healthy meal worth your visit, and your return.

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