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Why is it that a vacation has such beneficial effects on both mental and physical health? It cannot be just because we leave our everyday worries at home or take a break from our daily routine. Yet, there’s a lot we can do simply by choosing a destination with a climate that suits us. Reinforce your body and soul just by taking in the smell of the sea, the fragrances of aromatic herbs or the green forest.

And then… when you stop at a stone square or take a walk along the streets of ancient towns, your worries will begin to fade, your joy will begin to multiply and suddenly you will start developing a completely new sense of things. You will also have a chance to feel the fragrances of the region in the rich selection of dishes offered on the islands, in the coastal area or in the forest-covered hinterland, and thus remind yourselves of or experience many long forgotten tastes for the first time.

Come to Kvarner and enjoy a walk, a swim, the fresh and fragrance-filled air, the sights, the tastes… or all that at once; pamper your body and soul; and start off the new day with your batteries recharged, healthier and happier!

Kvarner, Discover your story Rijeka 2020 - European capital of culture