Family Vacation

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You have the greatest time when you are together, when your joy multiplies with the joy of the members of your family, and when you spend time knowing that together, as a family, you grow richer in togetherness and new knowledge. Kvarner offers you a plethora of opportunities to have an exciting, entertaining and encouraging vacation together at any time of the year – during school breaks, holidays or at any other time.

You will enjoy the beauty of the natural features of Kvarner, the azure of the sea, the greenness of forests, as well as the facilities whose offer is adapted for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest generations. You will spend time in harmony with nature and have at your disposal a rich activity program guaranteeing an active vacation, relaxation and fun, either with the children or when taking time for yourselves, a well-deserved time to enjoy a wellness program or coffee, while the children are occupied with playing under professional supervision.

You can enjoy the time spent in the Kvarner region together. You can learn about its heritage, how to write in the Old Slavic alphabet called the Glagolitic alphabet, as well as take a plunge into the new worlds of fun, tradition and life experiences.

Can you put a price on the things that light up your eyes, put a wide smile on your face or on the joy of holding hands and feeling the spirit of togetherness? No, such things are priceless.

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