On the move with children

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Your vacation in or a short visit to the Kvarner region will be an excellent opportunity for your family to spend time together enjoying everyday rituals. It’s a known fact that a great vacation is the one that brings a smile to your children’s faces. Your children’s happiness and satisfaction are guaranteed here!

In addition to the usual activities prepared to be enjoyed by the entire family, there are plenty of activities adjusted to the children with the aim of expanding their knowledge of the world and people in general. Why not enjoy the rural idyll of Gorski kotar together and give your children a chance to experience a return to the primeval rhythm of life in harmony with nature? Together you can also explore the beautiful natural features of the region, sleigh or ski, sail the rivers or the sea or enjoy walks along beautiful walkways, etc.

The hotels offering wellness services have also thought about the children, ensuring suitable pools and water attractions. Most of the hotels also include playrooms with professional supervision, so that the parents would have more time for themselves and that the children could enjoy an activity-filled stay as well as socialize with other children. Most of the food service facilities have thought about the children as well, adjusting the selection and size of the dishes on the menu accordingly. In short, enjoyment for the entire family is guaranteed!

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