Kvarner for two

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Do you remember what a starry sky looks like? Are you one of those who enjoy the romantic charm of narrow island streets or the smashing sounds coming from trendy clubs? Are there times when you’d give everything, absolutely everything, to spend a simple evening at a tavern, enjoy an a cappella song or participate in a workshop learning how to paint, write, prepare Mediterranean specialties, make olive oil or wine?!

The secrets of living in the Kvarner region will unfold right before your eyes. You can enjoy an active vacation, and your eyes will light up again as you return to the time the romantic charm of which has been clouded by your daily routine. Fortunately, as you will soon be reassured, only clouded…

You can enjoy beautiful romantic walks, cultural events, the togetherness and the reminiscences of the time when the stars were brighter, even if it only seems so, and your wishes were more important than your obligations all year round, and especially during spring and fall, without any hustle, feeling completely relaxed. As if being sent back to that time, your time, by a time machine. You will be reassured once again: Life IS beautiful!

Kvarner, Discover your story Rijeka 2020 - European capital of culture