Six Ideas for Your Vacation in Kvarner

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Discover the Beauty of the Undersea World
Kvarner is an ideal destination for those who wish to discover the secrets of the undersea world and enjoy the same. It is therefore not surprising that the number of divers increases each year, thus also spurring the growth of the offer of the activities and amenities intended for the lovers of undersea beauties. There are more than 40 diving sites in this region, both in the coastal waters and in the waters surrounding the islands of Krk, Planik, Prvić, Grgur, Cres, Zeča, Galijola, Lošinj, Unije, Male Srakane, Susak, Rab and Pag. Since the coast is heavily indented, each new dive is a new experience of the encounter with the rich animal and plant life, numerous undersea caves and old shipwrecks.
If you wish to explore the undersea world in the proper way, we suggest you contact one of the diving clubs that organize courses, dives, excursions and attractive underwater photo safaris. They will also provide you with all the necessary gear or repair service as well as assist you in case you have an accident.
One more thing: do not forget that you need a license for recreational (sport) diving which can be issued to you by the Rijeka Port Authorities or its local branches if you have a valid passport and proof that you have passed the diving exam.
Your beautiful diving adventure can now begin!

The Pleasure of Sailing
“We must sail. Living is optional.“ This is an old saying of seamen who have sailing in their blood. Modern seamen, sailors with a very good reason to return to the Kvarner waters year after year, definitely count among them: sailing the Adriatic is a very pleasant experience that offers the enjoyment of the mere ride as well as the enjoyment of swimming and touring beautiful islands and towns.
There are 22 nautical tourism ports in the Kvarner region, of which 14 marinas. In total, sailors have at their disposal more than 3,000 sea berths and 1,800 dry berths. The marinas are mainly located in the vicinity of hotels and camps; they are excellently equipped and offer the possibility of renting and servicing vessels. They are distributed along the northern coastal area and on the islands. They include some of the oldest but also the best equipped Croatian marinas specialized to receive large, luxury vessels. Since nautical tourism is one of the most important directions in the development of Kvarner, based on pretty strong arguments, your enjoyment of the same and the exploration of the beauties and diversities of the Kvarner coastal area and the islands will be immense. And really, we must sail... and we want to sail!

Have a Taste of Kvarner
Be it at a lavish restaurant uncovering the style of the days gone by, in a modernly furbished interior, at a tavern or on a terrace by the sea that you choose to dine, there will be a whole range of sea or mountain specialties waiting for you. It has been proven that the Kvarner scampi are the best in the world... Fresh fish and seafood seasoned with excellent olive oil and herbs (spices) found on the islands or in the coastal area, game, fruits of the forest, cheese, prosciutto... are prepared in numerous ways and seasoned with herbs (spices) found in the area. So many tastes, delights and food prepared in a high quality manner... sweet delights prepared from wild fruit, Lovran chestnuts or cherries, honey, figs or citrus fruit... So many tastes and so many surprises... To complete the experience, make a toast with excellent Kvarner liquors and wines... Have a taste of Kvarner!

Be What You Want to Be
Did you know that Kvarner Halubian bell bearers (halubajski zvončari) have been entered on UNESCO's Immaterial Cultural Heritage List? Do you sometime wish to be someone else and say more clearly than ever everything you want to say about the world, the people or yourselves? In Kvarner, the famous carnival destination, this too is possible!
More precisely, one of the largest and most recognizable European carnivals, Rijeka Carnival (Riječki karneval), is organized here every year. The processions of children and adult individuals, groups and allegorical circles always bring joy and a memorable message about the time and conditions in which we live.
Enjoying a long tradition, carnivals have become integral elements of both winter and summer life of most of the Kvarner destinations. They represent attractive events for tourists and an opportunity to have a break from their everyday lives and experience an imaginative and symbolic metamorphosis. Be what you want to be. Come to Kvarner!

Following the Paths of the Glagolitic Alphabet
Take a journey through the history of Croatian literacy and learn about other interesting heritage attractions and exquisite beauties of nature!
Is the fact that, on the territory of Croatia, the Glagolitic alphabet, the oldest Slavic alphabet dating from the middle of the 9th century, became deeply rooted exactly in Kvarner and its neighboring regions a coincidence or a consequence of historical circumstances? It is not easy to give an answer to this question posed by the experts, just as it is not easy to figure out why the oldest Glagolitic monuments are found on the Kvarner islands of Krk and Cres. They are also found in other places in the Kvarner region. If you wish to follow all the paths of the Glagolitic alphabet, the alphabet in which numerous church scripts, legal documents and texts from the everyday social life were written, you will surely have to make the longest stop in Baška on the island of Krk, the home of the Baška Tablet (Baščanska ploča), the oldest Croatian Glagolitic monument dating from 1100, continuing your journey along the Baška Glagolitic Trail (Baščanska staza glagoljice) featuring 34 stone sculptures with engravings in the Glagolitic alphabet and the 35th sculpture dedicated to the Glagolitic alphabet and the Glagolitic writers. A truly interesting journey!
Go a step further in your exploration of the Croatian Glagolitic alphabet and visit the islands of Lošinj, Unije and Rab, as well as Rijeka, Grobnik, Cernik, Klana, Lovran, Brseč, Mošćenice, Veprinac, Rukavac, Volosko, Kastav, Bakar, Drivenik, Rudenice, Belgrad, Grižane, Podskoča, Bribir, Novi Vinodolski... Learn about the history of Croatian literacy and have an enjoyable experience!
But, the Glagolitic alphabet is not only a part of history. If you wish to learn this alphabet, you can learn it today during your vacation and take home with you a useable item containing a message engraved in the Glagolitic alphabet as a souvenir. Only you will know the meaning of the message... you and your chosen ones...

The Joy of Moving, the Beauty of Nature

Wherever you are, at any time of the year, the walkways and hiking trails of Kvarner will offer you the enjoyment of recreation and unforgettable landscapes. Hundreds and hundreds of kilometers of maintained pedestrian trails, found in the most beautiful areas, will offer you the pleasure of encountering interesting landscapes. Enjoy the beauty of the sea, watch the flight of the griffon vulture, stop at a tavern at the coast, watch the cloudless sky and breathe in the fresh air... One of the symbols of this region is the 12 kilometer long Opatija walkway finished in 1911 which will lead you to the most attractive locations on this Riviera, such as beautiful parks and fancy mansions. Whatever part of Kvarner you may find yourselves in – on the islands, in the coastal area or in the inland – you will find numerous maintained walkways and hiking trails connecting some of the most beautiful natural and historical attractions. You will feel the joy of moving and enjoy the beauty of nature on the islands of Krk, Lošinj, Cres and Rab, in tourist centers such as Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski, as well as on the trails of Gorski kotar....
Enjoy the beauty of the landscape, the aromatic scents and discover the beauty of each new day stronger and more cheerful than before!

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