A Few Ideas for Your Vacation

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Wellness Weekend
Take a break from the everyday routine in one of the numerous wellness centers in Kvarner tourist destinations. Choose a program that suits you and combine it with the health benefits of walking, wellness menus and relaxation. Then move on full of energy, healthier, more beautiful, stronger and happier!

Cultural Events
Learn about the tradition of the region, take part in the programs based on past events… enjoy the concerts of all genres, visit an exhibition, watch a theater performance or visit interesting sights aware of the fact that the true journey through the Kvarner cultural past and present  is yet to begin.

Gastro Journey
At a tavern by the sea, at a lavish restaurant or in the forest-covered inland areas, there is a whole range of sea or mountain specialties waiting for you. Did you know that the scampi from Kvarner are the best in the world? Have you tasted the traditional Rab cake or the unique wine – Vrbnička žlahtina? Do you know that Kvarner is known for many other specialties of the Mediterranean and continental cuisines and excellent wines. Your gastronomic weekend will truly be full of pleasant surprises!

Along the Trails and Walkways of Kvarner
Do you recognize the smell of lavender or pine? Can you imagine the view of the sea from a viewing spot as your reward for conquering the maintained mountain hiking trails? Or would you rather choose the enjoyable experience of taking long walks by the sea? In Kvarner, on the islands and in the coastal area as well as in Gorski kotar there are maintained walkways in the length of several hundred kilometers combining the wish for recreation with beautiful landscapes and a gastronomic break. A weekend to remember!

Sailing along Kvarner
Sail off the coast, enjoy the beauty of sailing, swimming and exploring the islands or towns and their offers. Be Robinsons and taste the excellent specialties prepared only for you by island fishermen or visit lavish restaurants, top-notch concerts and cultural sights… whatever may be your choice, the power of the sea and sailing will fill you up with pleasure and give you strength for new life and business challenges…

Diving in Kvarner Waters
To leave and forget the stressful everyday routine at least for two or three days, to put on a diving suit and dive into the mysterious and always interesting undersea world must surely be a dream of all those who have come to know the beauty of diving. In the Kvarner region there are more than 40 diving sites and a large number of diving clubs that will offer you guidance, assistance and support in your endeavors.

Bicycling Across Kvarner
The mountains, the coast and the islands… you can go across the entire region by bike in only one day while enjoying the quick interchange of atmospheres and landscapes just like in a movie.
There are 19 marked bicycle routes in the total length of 1,300 kilometers in the Kvarner region. You can choose the one suitable for you depending on the difficulty level and the surroundings. So different, yet always interesting and beautiful!

City Break
Kvarner cities and towns live intensely all year round, so that the invitation to visit them is lasting. To see a theater performance, visit a concert or a club, attend a carnival or join the carnival procession, enjoy the landscape, the gastronomy or the commercial offer of the region, a wellness experience or a walk makes an interesting activity program that cannot be spoiled by weather conditions or the calendar… In simple terms, you will enjoy the events from the rich program of events, the experience and the memories… Until we meet again!

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