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Touring – Life on the Move

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Kvarner is definitely interesting to the lovers of speed and movement who do not wish to rest in one place – the landscapes, people and events interchange just like in a movie.

Kvarner – a destination accessible by car, boat or airplane is ideal for being discovered driving your own car, riding a bike or using a rented car.

Take a swim in the sea and enjoy the coolness of the evening in the mountains just a few moments later, adopt a dolphin, watch the flight of the griffon vulture, conquer mountain tops or pick the fruits of the mountains... just like in a movie! There are numerous interesting events, workshops and festivals waiting for you.

Simply start your journey and find out from your hosts all the possibilities for filling up each day of your vacation and visiting locations that are of interest to you. You can rest assured that your experiences will interchange just like in a movie featuring you as the screenwriter and lead actor.

Kvarner, Discover your story 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development