Vacation in the Rural Hinterland and Mountains

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Be it winter, summer, spring or fall, the Kvarner inland and its rural areas will be waiting for you at any time of the year. An environmentally aware, tradition-based area offering lots of opportunities for combining the interesting surroundings with a completely different experience.

Staying in the rural hinterland and mountains is like returning to the roots and yourselves. Living in the rhythm of and in harmony with nature is also an opportunity to spend an active vacation, enjoy adventure sports or simply indulge in a relaxing ambiance.

During winter you can enjoy the idyll of the snow-covered landscapes, sledding or skiing and the pleasant cracking of the fire in the fireplace. Be it winter, summer, spring or fall, you will be able to enjoy excellent specialties based on tradition and delightful food tastes prepared for you by the local hosts.

Not many regions can offer the possibility of staying in the inland per se or in combination with a visit to the nearby coastal area so directly (only a 30 minute drive from one to the other).

Here you can return to the primeval life or substitute the life in a city for the life in a village at least for a while; you can leave in order to truly and fully return stronger and more complete.

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