Destination for all seasons

Kvarner for all seasons

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Irrespective of the season in which you come here, Kvarner will welcome you with a great number of events and possibilities for a high quality and interesting holiday. Even though it is most lively in summer, Kvarner will be an interesting destination in other periods of the year, too, especially attractive to those who do not like crowds and  confusion but still offering a great number of manifestations, possibilities for walks, active holidays, participation in interesting workshops and enjoying in wellness facilities. We recommend everyone to study the rich calendar of Kvarner events not to miss those of special interest. Thus for instance the beginning of the year is influenced by the Carnival and its customs as well as the traditional carnival parades among which the most attractive, known even abroad, is the International Carnival of Rijeka. In March the Wellness Open Door Days will be expecting you and  for the following months numerous manifestations linked to nature and ecology such as Asparagus Days, Cherry Days, Forest fruit Days, and the manifestation of Ružica Vinodolska (Vinodol Rose)….take place in the whole region. There is also a rich programme of cultural and entertainment events based on tradition but also on modern art expression as well as a rich treasury of museums, galleries, sacral objects, cultural monuments…

In short, Kvarner is the destination for all seasons!

January – Start the new year washed in sunshine!
- New Year’s eve celebration in Kvarner
- Winter holidays in Kvarner
- Beginning of Lent in Kvarner
- Fragrances and Tastes of Lošinj - year-round events, Lošinj Island

February – It’s crazy in Venice, even crazier in Rio, and definitely craziest in Rijeka!
- Peace Memorial and Marathon in Mrkopalj
- International Carnival Day in Opatija
- International Carnival Parade in Lovran
- International Bell Bearers Festival in Matulji
- Big carnival ball in Rijeka
- Rijeka International Carnival
- Burning of the carnival mascot
 March – The most beautiful walks are those taken by the sea! – Spring in Kvarner
- The month of open wellness doors in Opatija
- Days of Lošinj Gastronomy – Fragrances of Lošinj
April – Biking across Kvarner!
- Peace School in Mrkopalj
- Day of the Planet Earth
- Asparagus Festival in Lovran
- Kvarner Expo Souvenir Exhibition in Opatija
- Easter in Kvarner
- Days of Apoxyomenos – Mali Lošinj
- With Wind through the Silence (Vjetrom kroz tišinu), sailing regatta, Mali Lošinj
- The Lošinj Cuisine Festival, Mali Lošinj
May – Be on top: Učka, Risnjak, Snježnik, Bjelolasica, Osorščica!
- Labor Day in Kvarner
- Alpe Adria Motor Race, Grobnik
- Marohnilijada (mushroom harvest) in the Risnjak National Park
- Rab Knight Games (Rapske viteške igre), Rab
- Croatia Cup International Sailing Regatta in Punat
- Croatian Theater Amateurs Festival and International Theater Amateurs Festival – Kastav
- Naš svijet je glazba, international gathering of wind orchestras – Lovran, Opatija
- International Festival of Small Stage Theater, Rijeka
- Flower Festival, Opatija
- Mountain Fruits (May – October), Gorski kotar

June – And the summer begins!
- Frogs night, Lokve
- Days of Cherries in Lovran
- Rapske Musical Evenings (June - September), Rab
- Greetings from Opatija - K.u.K. Postcard (Pozdrav iz Opatije – K.u.K. razglednica)
- European Motorcycling Championship, Grobnik
- Fiumanka Open Class Regatta, Rijeka
- International Wind Instrument Festival - Kastav
- Days of Lošinj Captains, Mali Lošinj
- Lošinj Days of Bioethics, Mali Lošinj
Rijeka Summer Nights (June - July), Rijeka
- Summer at the Castle (June - September), Rijeka
- Summer in Fužine
- Summer on the Lujzijana and Karolina Roads (June - September), Gorski kotar
- Margaret’s Summer (June, July, August), Bakar
- Kastav Cultural Summer (Kastafsko kulturno leto), International summer festival of culture, Kastav

July – Sail the Kvarner Islands on an old sailboat!
- Cultural and art events and festivals
- Dance evenings on hotel terraces
- Fishermen’s festivals
- Days of St. Jacob in Opatija
- Summer Carnival, Novi Vinodolski
- “Liburnia Jazz Festival”, Opatija
- «Mandrać» international outdoor painting competition, Volosko
- Holidays of Rab (Rabska fjera), Rab
- Fishing with the guests, Selce and Dramalj
- International Guitar Festival - Kastav
- Day of the Emigrants – Susak Island
- Jazz Festival – Mali Lošinj
- Vinodol Summer Nights (July - August), Bribir and Drvenik
- Osors music evenings (Osorske glazbene večeri), Mali Lošinj
- Kaisernacht, Opatija
- Summer under the Stars (Ljeto pod zvijezdama), a rich cultural and entertainment program on a summer stage all summer long, Opatija
- Hartera Festival, Rijeka
- Festival of A Cappella Vocal Ensembles and Summer Carnival in Dramalj
- Musical evenings in Lubenice (July - August)
- Drink and Eat (Popi i pojedi), a program combining the Žlahtina Festival, Days of Open Wine Cellars - Razgon, Days of Šurlice and Days of Krk Island, Wines, Krk Island (July, August)
- Krk Island Cultural Summer

August – Dive into the blue!
- Cultural and art events and festivals
- Dance evenings on hotel terraces
- Fishermen’s festivals
- Days of Dolphins in Mali Lošinj
- Lošinj First Weekend in August Regatta, Mali Lošinj
- Krk Fair - Lovrečeva, Krk
- Poj i boj – hiking and bicycling around the Lokvarsko Lake
- Days of Woodcutters and Foresters in Gorski kotar
- Assumption Day in Trsat, Rijeka
- International Guitar Festival - Kastav
- The Vinodol Rose (Ružica Vinodola), Novi Vinodolski 
- Days of Figs, a gastronomy event entitled "Za kraj agusta smokvu va usta", Krk
- Liburnia Film Festival, Ičići
September – Pick the fruits of the fall!
- Mountain Marathon in Fužine
- Zlatni kotlić in Brod Moravice
- Mushroom Days in Ravna Gora
- Grape harvest in Vrbničko polje
- Fishing Week in Crikvenica
- Harmonike va Kastve
- Učka Fair, Učka Nature Park
- Days of Figs (Dani smokav), Novi Vinodolski
- Festival Kvarner, Opatija
October – Taste the fruits of the fall!
- "Bela nedeja" in Kastav
- Chestnut Days (Marunada), Lovran
- Olive Days in Punat
- Giro di Marunada Bicycle Race, Lovran
- 4. Jazz Ex Tempore, Opatija
November – For the body and the soul!
- Wellness programs
- Programs for seniors in Kvarner
- Days of Zajc, Ivan pl. Zajc Croatian National Theater, Rijeka
- Martinja (St. Martin’s Day) in Kastav –  christening of young wine 
- Puppet shows, Rijeka
December – Christmas at the seaside and on the snow!
- Saint Nicholas Day in Kvarner
- Winter joys in Gorski kotar
- Christmas concerts and exhibitions
- Shopping
- Chocolate Festival, Opatija
- Mid - day New Year`s Eve in Fužine
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