Diversity is beautiful!

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Wonderful beaches are waiting for you on the islands and along the coast, many possibilities to practice sports on water and land as well as entertainment of  your choice. Here you can enjoy in the crazy rhythm of clubs for the young or listen to serenades on a hotel terrace, by the sea…taste specialties in slow food restaurants deserving international gastronomic acknowledgment owing to their  quality, or eat fresh, just caught fish in a tavern… In the hinterland you will enjoy in mountain landscapes, pleasant summers and in a winter atmosphere  seen only on old postcards.  And one more thing: in winter, the Rijeka hinterland offers an unforgettable experience: you may ski or sleigh with a view of the sea! So many contrasts in the Kvarner region, so many different landscapes and experiences based on history, tradition and modern times.

Kvarner's story is made up of many stories. Destination for those yearning for holidays in primordial nature, adventurers or cultural heritage lovers. It is often the destination of businessmen holding their congresses and other meetings here. With its rich tradition and cultural heritage, Kvarner is the starting point of Croatian culture. The oldest written document of the Croatian language originated here – the Baška stone tablet ( Baščanska ploča) (from 1100), the oldest text of Croatian common law, from the 13th century, the so-called Vinodolski zakonik. Julije Klović, considered by many the Michelangelo of miniature, originated from this region, here are beautiful small towns, writers that set the path for new trends on the international scene, too…It is exactly in the Kvarner area, in the Mali Lošinj local seas that the statue of Apoxiomen, the Greek athlete from the 4th century B.C. has been recently found. So many different landscapes and worlds, so many interesting stories….

Kvarner, Discover your story Rijeka 2020 - European capital of culture