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A Long tradition

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Kvarner has an exceptionally long hospitality tradition dating back to the middle of the 19th century. Thus, for instance, Opatija's tourist tradition began in 1844 and was crowned in March 1884,  by the opening of hotel Kvarner, the first on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. By the end of the 19th century bases were established for tourism in Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski, Rab, the islands of Lošinj, Krk and Cres and in Gorski kotar. Genuine hospitality developed out of such long tradition, which is reflected in the quality of services provided by generations of tourist operators, rich tourist programmes and a warm welcome.

Health effects

Kvarner is a unique aromatherapy in the open! The mild climate of the coast and the islands as well as the fresh air of the hinterland have a beneficial effect on people's health and this has been the  foremost motif for visitors arriving to this region. Thus for instance in 1907 Opatiia ranked second in the number of visitors' attendance rate among as many as 243 health resorts in the Austrian part of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, right after Karlovy Vary. It is mainly due to the mild climate and the aromatic vegetation that the island of Lošinj owes its tourist ascent, followed by Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski and all other Kvarner destinations. If the impact of self-grown vegetation is added to the beneficial effects on health of air, sea and sun we can say that Kvarner is an excellent open-air aromatherapy and a real Mediterranean garden!

Unique tastes: Kvarner scampi and žlahtina

Did you know that Kvarner scampi are the best in the world? Even though no one can fully explain this indisputable fact, the differences are clear: the Kvarner scampi distinguish themselves by their light red colour and thin shell and their peculiarity – according to the experts – lies in the fact that they live in very shallow sea with many springs of drinkable water and are therefore very soft and sweet.

One of the Kvarner's «best of» is undoubtedly the vrbnička žlahtina - an extraordinary wine obtained from the homonymous autochthonous sort of white grapes from Krk and Vinodol mountains that was named after its native soil – the small town of Vrbnik on the island of Krk. It distinguishes itself by extraordinary accord and harmony and refined aroma and bouquet.

Look for the brochure "Gastronomic Kvarner"

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Dolphins and griffon vultures, your new friends


Only here, in Kvarner you can watch the flight of griffon vultures that build their nests at just ten meters above sea level.

Beli Visitor Centre and Rescue Centre for Griffon Vultures, Cres Island



Do you wish to adopt a dolphin, to watch the dolphins swim and help in the preservation of this rare species?  Among all Kvarner islands and particularly in the Cres-Lošinj area lives a permanent population of approximately 250 dolphins and their protection and studying is possible owing to the activity of the Lošinj dolphin reserve. You may also see them in Lošinj, with a bit of luck, while walking along the attractive Path of the Dolphins.

Look for the brochure "Protected natural heritage“

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