The guest Golden book

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Legible signatures in the Opatija "Golden Book"


Stephanie – nee Koburg, widow of the heir to the throne Rudolf Habsburg
Count Otto (1865-1906), son of Karl-Ludwig, brother of Franz Joseph and Countess Bellegarde
Dr. Max Joseph Örtel (Dilingen 1835- München 1897) discoverer of dyphteria
Terrain-Kurort - in Opatija 32 times, divided by inclination and negotiability/walking difficulty
Dr. Julius Glax (Vienna 11th March 1846 - Opatija 9th August 1922 – buried on 10th August at 6:00 P.M.) balneologist - Kurkomission Abbazia; in 1887 lived in Villa Haas (today Ariston) and in Annex I (today hotel Milenij Sv. Jakov)
Dr. Theodor Billroth (island of Rügen 1829 - Opatija, hotel Imperial 1894.); world famous surgeon for esophagus and stomach resections – renowned promoter of Opatija as a health resort
Dr. Leopold Schrötter von Kristelli (Vienna 1837-1908) in Vienna first University Laryngology Programme – he established the curative properties of aerosol in Opatija
Dr Rudolf Virchow (Swidwin 1821- Berlin 1902) founder of cellular pathology
Dr. Heinrich Noé – writer, journalist
Therese Palffy (Gisela Dubsky Palffy, Count Nestor Dubsky)
Gyula Szecheny
Pauline Zichy - d'Orseley
Countess Lucia Strachwitz - Kesselstatt
Philipp Kinsky
Count Eugen Kesselstatt (12th April)
Countess Kesselstatt - Wichenburg (12th April)
Georg Kesselstatt (12th April)
Baroness Emmy Reinleiny
Countess Margarethe Harrach
Countess Angelique Keglevich
Fürstin Eleonore Auersperg


I. Mundy
Prinz Ludwig Windisch - Grätz
Maria Kinsky Liechenstein (13th May)
Marie Julie Montenuovo
Count Friedrich Schönborn (17th September) – Minister of Justice 



Count von Appel (3l. 1l.)
Emperor Franz Joseph Habsburg /1830-1916/ (29th March
Augusta Victoria (24th April), spouse Prussian Emperor Wilhelm II; the German empress, stayed in Villa Amalia on 13th March1894 – the emperor came from Rijeka on 21st March by yacht "Cristobal" on 29th March they met Franz Joseph I, his first visit to Opatija
Prof. dr. E. Leyden (Berlin)
Marie Leyden nee Appenheim


Countess Sermage (21st January)
Clementine Orleans princesse Auguste da Sax Coburg (11th Feb.)
Louise von Sachsen Coburg, prinzessin von Belgien


The Romanian king Carol and Elisavetha (Apr. 1896); first time in Opatija in April 1896.
Archduke Boris of Russia
Victor and Mathilde, Fanny, Josi Chorinsky
Bulgarian princess Marie Petrov (Tchomahoff)
Danilo Montenegrin prince (Sept. 1896)
Adolf and Adelheid, Archduke of Luxemburg (23rd Apr. 1901)
Sophie and Oscar, king of Sweden and Norway
Countess Marianne Rosenberg – Herberstein Ferdinand Philipp, prinz zu Sachsen - Coburg und Gothe 28th March19l4
Boris, king of Bulgaria
Bernadotte, Sweden (12th May 1925)
Jacob Szwajcer, MD, Warsaw Hospital Director (11Aug. 25.)
Raul Hassman (11th Aug.1925)
Eugenio di Savoia and Ferdinando di Savoia (1925/26)
Franz Lehar (31st July 1935)
Emmerich Kalmán (10th Aug. 1936)
Pietro Mascagni (3rd Aug. 1938)
Umberto di Savoia (Aug. 1938)
Princess Zina Hohenlohe Waldenburg (26th Feb. 1939)
Toti Dal Monte (25th July 39)


Count Bardean Charles and Beatrice
Countess Bardean Bellegarde
Baroness Louise Bebenburg
Countess Hamilton F.
Prinz E. Esterhazy (July 02)
Fürstin Marie Lubomirska (15th Jan.)
Marrianne and Louis Gabiani (23rd Jan.)
Countesses Minika, Bertha, Paula, Else, Gabriele Zichy
Count Emerich, Alexandra, Laszlo Szecheny
Albrecht Prinz zu Schaumberg - Lippy (3rd March)
Count Géza Appony
Countess Nikolaus Mikes nee Baroness Bornemiska
Countess Bolesta Koziebrodska - Wallis (23rd March)
Archduke of Tuscany (3rd May)
Baron Rudolf Dalbrück, Prussian State MInster
Elise Dalbrück
Emil Stainbach (4th Dec.)


Science Academy Presidents - 1974.

Participants to the celebrations of 130 years of Villa Angiolina + journalists - 1974.

Celebrities who lived in Opatija

Andrija Mohorovičić, born 1857 - 1936. geophysicist (discovered the Earth layer through which seismic waves move faster)
Eugen Kumičić
Rikard Katalinić Jeretov
Viktor Car Emin
Matetić Ronjgov
Drago Gervais
Jan Kubelik, violinist
Rafael Kubelik, conductor
Lovro Matačić, conductor
Zinka Kunc - Milanov, soprano
Boris Papandopulo, conductor
Carl Seidl, architect
Eugen baron Ransonnet - Villez, botanist, painter, inventor and promoter of the "Blue cave" in Biševo


Opatija constructors - architects:

Max Fabiani (Health Institute, villa Schwegel Volosko),
Emilio Ambrossini,
Carl Seidl,
Carl Conigli,
Zdravko Bregovac (hotel Ambasador, Paris),
Vanja Sinčić (hotel Admiral)
Zdeslav Surina (Thalassotherapia Annex, building "Zora"),
Zdenko Sverić (annex hotel Opatija)


Habsburg dinasty

Habsburg - Lothringen (born 1218.), German king
Albrecht II (bron 1397- 1439), German king (1438- 1439 Croatian king and spouse Jelisava (of Sigismund of Luxembourg Croatian-Hungaian king);
Ladislav V - (1440- 1457 Czech and Croatian king)
Ferdinand I (1503 - 1564) emperor, from1527-1564 Croatian king, and Ana (of Vladislav II ,Croatian-Hungarian king)
Marija Terezija (1717 - 1780) Empress, (1740- 1780 Croatian-Hungarian queen);
Joseph II
Leopold II
Maria Carolina
Marie Antoniette
Ferdinand III
Franjo II (1792 -1835)
Maria Luisa
Ferdinand I (1835- 1848 Croatian-Hungarian king)
Franz Karl (1802 - 1878)
Franz Joseph I (1830 - 1916)
Maximilian (1832 - 1867)
Karl Ludwig (1833 - 1896)
Rudolf (1858- 1889)
Otto (1865 – 1906)
Franz Ferdinand (1864 – 28th June 1914)
Karlo I (1887 - 1922) (Croatian-Hungarian king 1916 - 1918)
Otto (born in 1912.)


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