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Did you know that the bell-ringers from the Kvarner area have been included in the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage List? Did you know that the modern carnival variant – The International Rijeka Carnival, held in Rijeka since the year 1982 - has been included, according to the Sunday Times in the very top of the most attractive world events?

The bell-ringers’ tradition lives still today in the Kvarner region. Though differing in some local peculiarities typical of single Kvarner locations, they are all cloaked in sheep skins, their heads are covered with somewhat frightening animal masks, and with the penetrating bell sounds, they chase away winter and evil spirits, too. They clearly announce that winter will soon surrender to the awakening of new life. Modern carnivals have developed out of this tradition.

As a symbolic end of winter, streets will revive with parades in Rijeka, Opatija, Novi Vinodolski....Their participants speak jokingly and ironically about reality, hidden wishes and thoughts that under the guise get new courage and strength. A wild time is guaranteed!

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Town of Rijeka Tourist Board
Rijeka Carnival
Town of Opatija Tourist Board
Tourist Board of the Matulji Municipality
Town of Novi Vinodolski Tourist Board

The Rab Fair (Rabska fjera)

Each year by the end of July the Rabska fjera, a manifestation based on the tradition of knights' games from the 14th century, restored in 1995 takes place in Rab, on the island of Rab. In these days a three-day folk merry-making revives. As by time-machine, the guests go back in history to witness the knights' tournament, a solemn parade of the participants wearing Renaissance costumes, and get to know the old crafts, taste old dishes and enjoy in the organized programmes based on tradition.

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Town of Rab Tourist Board

The Lovran chestnuts (maruni)

If you like chestnuts, Lovran will be your unforgettable destination. If you do not like them (yet), you have a chance to try them and become a true chestnut fan. The Lovran maruni, local name for chestnuts, are considered some of the best in the world. Namely, it is an endemic species created by the cross-breeding of chestnuts from the Far East, brought here by Lovran seafarers, and local chestnuts. Very successful, indeed! The Lovran people are very proud of their chestnuts and in October, in Lovran and in the neighboring localities Liganj and Dobreč, dedicate to them and to you the festivity named  Marunada to which everyone who enjoys in roasted chestnuts and in fanciful chestnut specialties and sweets is welcome.

For more information please visit:

Town of Opatija Tourist Board
Tourist Board of the Lovran Municipality


Opatija is connected to other tourist destinations on its riviera by a 12 kilometre long seaside promenade (lungomare), the development of which started in 1885 and was completed in 1889, when Opatija was proclaimed a climatic health resort and the first hotels were opened here. Taking a walk, in any period of the year, along the attractive and always well visited promenade, you will see the contours of the Kvarner islands, enjoy in the architecture of stylish palaces and hotels and beautiful parks, take a rest in some of the cafès and restaurants. The Opatija lungomare, a unique combination of pleasure and usefulness, is something unforgettable…

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Town of Opatija Tourist Board
Tourist Board of the Lovran Municipality
Ičići Tourist Board

Zatancajmo po domaći

Each year at the beginning of September, an international folklore gathering called Zatancajmo po domaći is organized in Dražice. It is one of the most recognizable cultural events in the Municipality of Jelenje gathering almost 500 folklore dancers from various European countries each year. The purpose of the event is to help preserve the cultural heritage, traditions, as well as folk dances and songs.

The organizer of the event is the Zvir Cultural and Artistic Society, a society enjoying an enviable international reputation, a great promoter and preserver of the cultural heritage of the Grobnik Region and organizer of almost all cultural events in the Municipality of Jelenje.

For more information please visit:

Tourist Board of the Jelenje Municipality

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