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The most frequently chosen types of accommodation in Gorski kotar are private lodgings and hotels. Many opt for old-fashioned guesthouses to enhance the idyllic Gorski kotar experience. Evenings by the fireplace, pleasant nights under a warm quilt, winter sports and the traditional Gorski kotar specialties accompanied by sincere hospitality will make your winter holidays warm and cosy.

During the summer months Gorski kotar becomes a perfect summer getaway. Since the region is far from the heat of summer and busy tourist towns, it is ideal for fans of sports and nature walks. After a long day spent outdoors, you will crave a nourishing meal and your hosts will offer just what you need – traditional dishes prepared using local produce.


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  • 05.07.-26.07.2019, Mrkopalj

    ARTfest - Festival of Art

    In the heart of Gorski kotar, the combination of various types of art makes this festival special. The art of music, painting, sculpture, gastronomic art, photography, souvenirs, fashion shows, art workshops and many other interesting features. The event is open to all age groups.

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