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Fužine is situated on Lake Bajer in southwest Gorski kotar. The town has a long history associated with tourism with first organized visits dating back to 1874. It is located only 30 km from the sea at 730 m above sea level, bisected by the Zagreb-Rijeka motorway. Convenient location, beautiful nature and pleasant climate offer countless possibilities for activity holidays – footbaths, bike trails, canoeing, fishing, etc.

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Tourist Board of the Fužine Municipality


Čabar is situated in the north of Gorski kotar, at 650-1200 metres above sea level. The town and surrounding areas abound with natural attractions. Some of the most beautiful sights are located in National Park Risnjak, Snježnik, clean streams and the marvellous sources of two rivers – the Kupa and Čabranka. Along with natural attractions, rich ethnological heritage and healthy food, visitors usually come here to enjoy hunting or simply spend time in pristine nature.

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Town of Čabar Tourist Board

Best small towns to visit: Gerovo, Makov Hrib, Plešce, Prezid, Tršće


Delnice is the highest town in Croatia, bounded by mountains and located at 700 metres above sea level. The town has excellent sporting facilities for altitude training and fans of spending time outdoors, nature walks, winter and snow should come here and experience complete relaxation. The town is famous for lovely nature, clean air and coniferous forests.

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Town of Delnice Tourist Board

Best small towns to visit: Brod na Kupi, Crni Lug


Vrbovsko is one of the oldest places in Gorski Kotar and second in size. It is situated half way between Zagreb and Rijeka. The town abounds in historical and cultural monuments and boasts lovely architecture, old sacral and historic buildings, art shops and a rich calendar of cultural events. Visitors are particularly attracted to the Litorić Hunting Lodge, Orlove stijene viewpoint, Lake Čogrljino and Ledena jama Cave.
One of its special attractions is the protected landscape of the Kamačnik Canyon along which a footpath stretches for three kilometres with a range of lovely surprises in store for you. Kamačnik is the right affluent of the Kupa, close to Vrbovsko. Hunting, fishing, water sports, highbred horse riding and a variety of sporting grounds await you on the shores of the Kupa.

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Town of Vrbovsko Tourist Board

Best small towns to visit: Gomirje, Hajdine, Lukovdol, Moravice, Severin na Kupi


Lokve is a small town in the western part of Gorski kotar. Situated adjacent to Lake Lokve, it fits perfectly into the setting and attracts visitors with unique charm and a wealth of delights. The entire area around Lokve is famous for the great number of frogs to which the Frog Museum, unique in Europe, has been dedicated. The Golubinjak Forest Park features numerous marked footpaths, the Forest Queen, which is a giant fir tree over 250 years old, and two caves (Ledena jama and Golubinja špilja). There is a sculpture workshop traditionally held in Lokve every summer, always lead by well-known Croatian artists.

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Tourist Board of the Lokve Municipality

Ravna Gora

Ravna Gora is situated in the central part of Gorski Kotar, on a plateu between 700 and 900m high, cradled between the hills of Bjelolasica, Višnjevica and Suhi Vrh and Javorova Kosa and Kosica. The luscious greenery, brisk air and fresh water attract climbers, cyclists and nature lovers from Croatia and wider. Ravna Gora is where the Javorova kosa Lodge is located near which, legend says, there is a curative spring named Božji studenac. The hunting ground Višnjevica provides opportunities for hunting and photo safari. The natural attractions and beautiful forests rich in forest fruit inspired the Ravna Gora Forest Fruits event, consisting of nature walks, fruit picking, preparation of traditional foods and tastings!

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Tourist Board of the Ravna Gora Municipality

Best small towns to visit: Stara Sušica, Šije


Skrad is conveniently located in the central part of Gorski kotar along the historical Louisiana road and close to a motorway. By the late 19th century the town located beneath Skrad Peak (1044 m) at 700 m above sea level has grown into a popular climate and health resort. In the northerly direction there is the valley of the Kupa River and the stream Čedanj and the Dobra River are located in the south. Some of the local attractions are the Vražji prolaz Canyon, which is a natural reserve, Muževa hiža Cave and Zeleni vir, a source at the foot of a steep 70-meter-high cliff.

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Tourist Board of the Skrad Municipality


Mrkopalj is a mountain town located in the spacious Mrkopalj valley between Bitoraj and Viševica in the central part of Gorski kotar. It is the cradle of Croatian skiing and the famous ski resort Begovo Razdolje is only a few kilometres away. The construction of the unique Croatian biathlon centre Zagmajna has contributed to the popularization of the increasingly popular cross-country skiing. Mrkopalj was first mentioned in the 15th century and the elevation Fortica still holds traces of the old medieval church dating to the 14th- 15th centuries. The White and Pack-Saddle Rocks Strict Nature Reserve is nearby, as well as an over 2000-year-old yew tree. In the summer months traditional berry-picking festival is held and enjoyed by nature lovers. 

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Tourist Board of the Mrkopalj Municipality

Best small towns to visit: Begovo Razdolje, Mrkopalj, Sunger, Tuk Mrkopaljski

Brod Moravice

Brod Moravice is situated in the western part of Gorski Kotar, 560 metres above sea level. The town is located close to the Slovenian border, near the Kupa and Dobra rivers. The setting is remarkable and as made for fans of hunting, fishing, skiing and cross-country skiing. There is a marked mountain transverse path nearby and the town is home to the oldest Gorski kotar house built in 1644.

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Tourist Board of the Brod Moravice Municipality

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