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Mountain and trim tracks


There are many mountain tracks in Gorski kotar, so that it is practically impossible to mention them all. Therefore let us mention just the most visited ones. To get a complete list and clear instructions we recommend that you contact your local hosts.

The Mrkopalj mountain path

The Mrkopalj mountain path leading from Mrkopalj through eight control spots to Samarske stijene, is considered by many as one of the most beautiful paths in Croatia. The unique shelter, fitted in natural rock, contributes additionally to its attraction.

The Kapela mountain path

The Kapela mountain path connects Velika Kapela to the sea. It is a demanding path leading the climbers from Tuk, across Bjelolasica, Samarske and Bijele stijene, Velika Javornica, Kolovratske stijene up to Vinište and Klenovic.

The Gorski kotar mountain path

This path is recommended even to those that have little mountaineering experience. It is a route with three sections. One leads from Severin na Kupi to the Kupa source, the other one from Severin na Kupi to Tuhobić, and the third one from Tuhobić to Lovnik. This path is not very demanding, and the entire area is well covered by numerous climbers' facilities – lodgings, houses and shelters.

The Ravna gora mountain path

The Ravna gora mountain path crosses the wider Ravna Gora area and, en-route, unveils numerous local natural attractions. This demanding path consists of 12 spots that do not need to be covered completely, but if this is your objective, bear in mind that the trip will last at least 24 hours. Along the way you will see all sorts of things – from the abyss Kosica to the Gorski Kotar highest peak on Bjelolasica, with attractions like the excursion centre Javorova kosa and Kicljeve jame, one of the biggest cave systems in Croatia.

White-water adventures

The Kupa and Dobra rivers are a synonim for exciting rafting, canoeing, canyoning and in general for – white water adventure. Depending on the period of the year and the quantity of precipitations, both rivers provide exceptional possibilities for a whole-day adventure, always with the assistance of expert instructors and animators. The peak rafting seasons (for those in search of higher adrenaline) are from April to June and from September to October, while families will be able to enjoy in these sports in summertime.



Is there any means to explore nature simpler, quicker and more efficient than the bicycle? Obviously not, especially if the path consists of numerous well used and marked tracks, as is the case throughout Gorski Kotar. Depending on where you find yourself and where you plan to stay, choose the closest track and enjoy in an interesting cycling adventure.

Čabar cycling tracks

In the area of the town of Čabar and its picturesque surroundings there are four well used tracks, three of which are intended for adults, and one for the children. The surroundings are criss-crossed by numerous additional paths, but the marked tracks are always the best choice for enjoying without having to worry about getting lost or injured.

Ravna Gora cycling tracks

This track is specific since it does not have a defined route but offers many different directions, so that cyclists may choose the path for their adventure themselves. There are really many tracks, they are all developed and marked and assistance is provided in the form of a printed map containing all information and attractions. The map is available at the Ravna Gora Tourist Office.

Intimate track

This unusually named track conceals in fact a real adventure. It starts by the seaside – in Novi Vinodolski and ends in the highest inhabited locality in Croatia – Begovo Razdolje. The track is 45.5 kilometres long and quite demanding.

Fužine cycling tracks

The area of Fužine and its surroundings provides cyclists-adventurers with a total of nine developed and marked tracks that – each with its own difficulty level - lead through picturesque area to belvederes around the lake and many other Fužine attractions.

MTB Delnice path

One of the shorter, but purposefully designed paths is the MTB path of the area of the Forest-park Japlenški vrh, near Delnice. The path is not long – just some five kilometres, but it is attractive because of its adrenaline sections.

Look for the brochure «Across the Kvarner by bike»

Horse riding

It is possible to further enrich the Gorski kotar combination of nature and adventure by horse-riding. The possibility of hiring a horse for riding is available to tourists in all major Gorski Kotar centres, almost throughout the year. If you wish to learn, or you already know how to ride but wish to experience Gorski Kotar from the point of view of a rider, ask for information in Vrbovsko, Roga, Lokve, Fužine, Mrzle Vodice, Tršće and Prezid.

Hunting and fishing

Hunting and fishing are possible almost throughout the Gorski Kotar area, provided you comply with the relevant official Rule-book.


Hunting tourism has been well known in the area for quite a long time, particularly deer, does, wild boars, bears and forest snipes hunting. Many hunting clubs and mountain lodges are places where additional information can be obtained.



Sports-recreational fishing is possible on almost all rivers and localities in the surroundings of Čabar, Brod na Kupi, Severin na Kupi, Fužine, Lokve and naturally many other localities, crossed by the Gorski Kotar rivers – Kupa, Dobra, Čabranka or situated on its lakes – Lokve, Bajer and Lepenica lakes. In addition to complying with the relevant rules, a daily or yearly license is required for fishing purposes in the mentioned areas.

Winter sports


If you wish to pass the winter in an idyllic place where the snowy cover lasts for at least three months and that offers a wide choice of winter activities, then Gorski Kotar is really the right place for your holiday. Classic and tour skiing, ski jumps, modern sleighing drives as well as skating rinks are an integral part of the facilities for tourists visiting these areas in search of active holidays.

Winter in Ravna Gora

The surroundings of Ravna Gora are an excellent choice for fans of night-skiing, cross-country skiing and lately of sleighing, too. Cross-country skiing equipment as well as all necessary information about the tracks and ski courses can be obtained in the Ravna Gora ski club TSK „Ravnogorac“.
An attraction of the area is the big amusement park in Kupjak with a 6.000 square metre sleighing drive and a long cable serving as ski lift and leading up to the mountain peak. Here the fascinating Snow Tubby run has been set that in winter is used as toboggan, and has a similar function, only without snow, in other parts of the year, too.

Winter in Mrkopalj

On top of Čelimbaša (1084 m) in the neighbourhood of Mrkpalj there are three developed ski runs. Two of them are tourist runs: red – one is 1350 metres long and the other 1000 metres, while the third one is more demanding – black, some half kilometre long. Besides ski runs there is also a biathlon track, „Zagmajna“, used for training and recreational running, long some 4.5 kilometres in total.

Ski centre Rudnik – Tršće

Although being one of the smallest and less known Croatian ski centres, Rudnik, in the vicinity of Tršće is extremely popular in Gorski Kotar. The ski centre itself is situated at about one kilometre from Tršće, and has been arranged on the northern slopes of the mountain Rudnik, with a height of 1052 metres. Two runs are arranged for the skiers, one 800-metre long and the other with a length of about 1000 metres. Sleighing drives and Nordic skiing tracks have been developed in the length of 3 and 5 kilometres respectively.


Petehovac – Delnice

If you are a ski beginner, the best is to take the first ski steps on Petehovac near Delnice, at a height of 1050 metres. The path has been fully adjusted to beginners and children and is regularly checked throughout its length to prevent any inconveniences from occurring. The initial part of the run is mild, followed by a steeper section, while towards the end there is a mild plane part again. The ski lift is relatively slow, with mild climbs. An additional attraction is the possibility of night skiing.

Other sports

In addition to the possibility of practicing sports on water and snow, of mountain climbing and strolling, Gorski Kotar also offers indoor sports – ice-skating, bowling, football, handball, basketball… You can also let yourself go to the charm of old, forgotten sports such as dodge-ball on green meadows or, if you visit the Fužine area, to the Paintball adventure in the Vrata park. The ground is partly situated on a clearing, and partly in spruce-tree woods and a specific feature of the ground is that it is located in a valley so that the game may be watched from the stadium stands. In addition to the popular paintball, one can enjoy in climbing on artificial climbing walls, horse riding, cycling, kart-cross and hovercraft driving.

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    Summer in Delnice

    A interesting programme is organized throughout June, July, August, and September. Celebrate Delnice Town Day together with a performance by Mladen Grdović, various exhibitions, sports competitions, book presentations, various concerts,...
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