National Park „Risnjak“


Just fifteen kilometres from the sea, 300 – 1500 m above sea level and spread out over 6,400 ha, lies National Park Risnjak. Its unique topography and rich animal and plant life have earned it the status of an area of great natural value. 

The Park is dominated by the mountain massif Risnjak with one of the most beautiful belvederes in Croatia, from which the view extends to other sites, too – the massif Snježnik and the hydro morphological natural monument – source of the Kupa river, one of the  biggest and deepest springs in the country. Equally attractive is its upper flow locally known as the prodigious butterfly valley

Among the animals living here are the brown bear, the lynx (after which Risnjak got its name – the Croatian name for lynx is ris), wild cats, chamoises, deer, does and eagles. The beauty of the forest, the Karst phenomena, the beautiful springs (the Park comprises also the source part of the Kupa river) and the magnificent sights attract numerous climbers and other nature lovers to Risnjak.

The massif Risnjak – where the National park is located - consists of several mountain peaks and ranks among the most beautiful Croatian mountains. The highest peaks are Veliki Risnjak (1528 m), Snježnik (1506 m), Sjeverni Mali Risnjak (1434 m) and Južni Mali Risnjak (1448 m). The massif extends to the north-western part of Gorski Kotar and with its southern slopes it leans on the massif Mala Kapela.

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National Park „Risnjak“

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