Vražji prolaz and Zeleni vir – Skrad



There are two lovely recreational reserves within a short distance from Skrad: Zeleni vir and Vražji prolaz.

The first is Zeleni vir (302 m) – a powerful source at the bottom of a shallow and spacious cave, with a 70 metre high steer cliff towering above its entrance. It got its name from the greenish lake formed at the bottom of the cave.

The second attraction is a 800 metres long canyon Vražji prolaz considered by many as one of the most beautiful spectacles in Gorski kotar. The path leads, across bridges and stairs, through the narrow gorge - about two metres wide - and squeezed between one- hundred-metre high rocks. At the end of the passage another attraction: – the cave-excursion place Muževa hižica linked to numerous legends from history and natural sciences.

For more information, look for the brochure «Protected Natural Heritage»

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