Gastronomy – Traditional Dishes


Goranski nadjev

One of the most popular local dishes is Goranski nadjev. It is served as an appetizer or a main course. It has several names (budel, budla, nadlavanje, nadelo) and is prepared in many different ways, but the base is generally always similar: intestine casing, bladder or even bread crust filled with fried bacon or ham, onion, eggs, stale bread etc.


Venison with forest fruits

Since there is a lot of game in the Gorski Kotar woods, it is widely present on the tables of local restaurants and households. In combination with forest fruits famous are venison dishes accompanied by acid-sweet jam flavours and forest fruit topping.


Popara is a traditional local dish - milk, bread, sweet cream and lard topping that can be served as a side dish.

Sukana koša

Another gastronomic pearl from Lokve is the so-called sukana koša – a simple porridge of flour, onion, lard, water and red pepper that is served either as a side dish or as a tasteful hors-d'oeuvre.


An excellent hors d'oeuvre or side dish, the tasteful krumpirica is also served: a casserole of young potatoes, wheat grits and greaves.

Gorski Kotar pancakes (Goranske palačinke)

The Gorski Kotar pancakes differ from their numerous variants by their considerably «heavier» filling – a combination of fresh cream cheese, sugar syrup, ground nuts and grated orange peel.


If you want to taste the traditional Gorski Kotar desserts, be prepared to receive extremely tasty desserts, but high in calories indeed. The main feature of Gorski Kotar pastries is that they are made of dough and filled with tasty, but quite «heavy» fillings, such as nut filling. However, owing to the wealth of forest and other fruits of nature there are also considerable «lighter» pastries with sour-sweet filling and a light sponge.

Brandies and liqueurs

The Gorski Kotar richness in nature fruits is also reflected in the lush supply of the most varied juices, brandies and liqueurs the base of which depends exclusively on the type of fruits that are so abundant in this area. Therefore enjoy in ordinary and special combinations of elder, fruit and forest fruit juices, juniper berry, raspberry strawberry liqueurs, medicinal herbs brandies …

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