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With over 125 years of tradition, marvellous environment, healthy climate and continuous investment Lošinj enjoys the status of a year-round destination offering every type of accommodation.

A wide range of accommodation is available, including everything from high-end to budget hotels. Those preferring villas and apartments have plenty to choose from and your hosts will gladly recommend attractions you should visit.

And last but not least, the island has lovely campsites and is very sailing friendly, providing everything that is required for a pleasant and safe sea travel.


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  • 04.07.-27.08.2015, Cres

    Cres Culture Evenings

    Cres Culture Evenings is a summer culture event promoting cultural heritage of the city of Cres and thus making summer nights more entertaining: classical music concerts, gospel concerts, museum night and other culture events.

  • 10.07.-14.08.2015, Lubenice

    Lubenice Music Evenings

    Classical music concerts in Lubenice. Over 20 years of tradition. A well coordinated team led by the mayor of Cres himself stages eight concerts every year that are put on every Friday in July and August.

  • 01.08.-04.08.2015, Beli

    Orienteering trekk

  • 05.08.-08.08.2015, Cres

    Semenj - a traditional folk feast

    Semenj is an old Croatian word meaning fair and was written Samanj but was mainly mispronounced Semenj. This fair has grown into a real festivity - a traditional folk feast.