Cres is situated in the northwest part of a wide sheltered bay. The largest town on the island is characterized by closely built houses and a large number of monuments dating from ancient times to the present day. There is a lot to see here: a small medieval port, Gothic and Renaissance churches, monasteries, palaces, remains of a fort, etc. At the turn of the century Cres had two hotels and around 1960s the town burgeoned into a popular tourist destination.


Beli is one of the oldest acropolis-type towns on the island, located on a 130-metre-high hill. This typical littoral town is rich in cultural and historic monuments, among which there are several valuable churches, prehistoric stables opposite the entrance to the town and a Roman bridge crossing the canyon.
Today Beli is tourism-oriented, offering accommodation in rental holiday homes and camping. It has a beautiful pebble beach and a sheltered marina. Being close to the forests of Tramuntana, Beli is also a popular starting point for nature walks. 


Lubenice is an old hilltop town located on a 378-metre high promontory affording an astounding view of Kvarner Bay. With four millennia of uninterrupted history, this small town is famous for its beautifully preserved rural architecture. The town is the perfect venue for Lubeničke večeri (Lubenice Evenings), a musical festival taking place each summer for nearly two decades, always featuring an enviable line-up of artists from Croatia and abroad.




Martinščica is a small town located on the calmest side of Cres in a spacious bay facing southwest. Set in the heart of this lovely town are St. Martin’s Church, Franciscan Monastery from the 16th century and Sforza Castle from the 17th century. This locality amidst Mediterranean vegetation offers accommodation in privately owned holiday homes and camping. It has beautiful beaches and great opportunities for activity holidays.



Valun is a quaint marina town featuring attractions such as St. Mark's Church, the Valun tablet from the 11th century and a valuable collection of Glagolitic stone monuments, with copies of the oldest Glagolitic inscriptions of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia.  


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