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Activity Holidays by the Beach 

Outdoor lovers and sports buffs will enjoy spending time here. In addition to the usual options - tennis, miniature golf, beach volley, table tennis, basketball and football – there is also sailing, spear fishing and parasailing and innumerable underwater activities are available so everyone will find something for themselves. Equipment can be rented and serviced at dive schools and rental stores in Cres, Martinšćica and Beli. Everyone interested in sailing, children and adults, should contact one of the local sailing schools.

Look for the brochures:

«Under the gull's wings»

«The Joys of diving»

Best Island Walks

If you wish to combine the enjoyment of beautiful nature, island exploration and sports tourism the instructive nature trail of Tramuntana and other footpaths on the island are just what you need. Tramuntana is 12 kilometres long and takes some 3 to 4 hours to complete. The walk will take you to the ecological centre in Beli and along the way you will see an exhibition, a small church, an Illyric castle and enjoy the shade of lovely oak and chestnut forests. Numerous valuable natural and cultural localities are scattered along the way so this walk is certainly the one to take.

Island walks are a great way to appreciate the natural and cultural wealth of the island, offering ample opportunities for enjoying Cres cuisine and its fabulous beaches.

Look for the brochure «Hiking tracks and promenades»

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