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The Island of Krk

The harmony between the rich past and dynamic present

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Krk is not an island in the full sense of the word. The sea separates it from the mainland of Croatia, but there is a 1430-metre-long bridge spanning across the water. Krk features numerous attractions and, as islands usually do, it has that special appeal to it.

The island of Krk or The Golden Island, as it was called in ancient times, has many unique features and it is a voyage through time across the millennia of rich history. Today the island is a vibrant place offering well-thought-out tourist programs, modern amenities, extensive wine lists and great food made from local produce.

If you believe in the symbolic meaning of numbers, let us also mention that Krk is linked to number seven - it was inhabited by the Croats in the 7th century, successfully defended from pirate attacks on seven occasions, the seventh Frankopan held the title of Duke of Krk and today the island has seven towns.

Wherever you go – to the picturesque Glagolitic town of Vrbnik or Jurandvor where the famous stone tablet from the year 1100 AD was discovered in St. Lucy’s Church, to Malinska, Baška, Krk, Punat, Njivice and Omišalj or to the well-known islet of Košljun, you will discover ancient heritage interwoven into Krk’s dynamic present. Today the island is a vivid and conveniently located modern tourist destination with an airport and a long bridge connecting it with the mainland of Croatia.

For more information, visit the website:

Tourist Board of the Island of Krk
Town of Krk Tourist Board
Tourist Board of the Omišalj Municipality
Tourist Board of the Malinska Municipality
Tourist Board of the Punat Municipality
Tourist Board of the Baška Municipality
Tourist Board of the Vrbnik Municipality
Tourist Board of the Dobrinj Municipality

  • 11.06.-24.06.2016, Malinska

    St. Nikola Gallery - exhibition by Ksenija Filipović

  • 17.06.-24.06.2016, Omišalj

    Folk Festival Theatre

    Theater performances

  • 19.06.-26.06.2016, Punat

    Days of "šurlice" (home made pasta)

    Gastronomic event - presentation and degustation of home made pasta and special offer of dishes base on home made pasta (šurlice) in 9 restaurants

  • 24.06.2016, Vrbnik

    Celebration of st. John the Baptist

    On June 24 Vrbnik celebrates it's patron St. John the Baptist. It's the most important church and secular event in Vrbnik. Solemn mass in Old Church Slavonic language, folk dances and much more can be experienced.

  • 24.06.2016, Malinska

    Concert in the atrium of the Monastery of St. Mary Magdalene in Porat

    Concert by Kristina Habuš (soprano), Christine Maroy (mezzosoprano), Nataliya Marycheva and L'Abeille DUO. Beginning at 9 pm.