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On Krk everything is subordinate to tourism, so that guests would feel truly welcome. The island offers all types of accommodation, including both high-end and budget hotels. Campers will enjoy local campsites surrounded by lovely nature and equipped with all the conveniences desired by modern travelers. For a more up-close experience of the local lifestyle we recommend private accommodation where, in addition to comfortable rooms and apartments, one can enjoy both privacy and local hospitality. Your hosts will be happy to introduce you to local customs, gastronomy and the island way of life.

There are several good places to dock along the island coastline but Marina Punat is certainly the best, being the most modern marina on the Croatian side of the Adriatic.


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  • 29.04.-31.05.2016, Krk

    Krk(j)eraj 2016

  • 01.05.-05.06.2016, Krk

    "Biking Krk - Feels good!"

    For every lover of cycling the island of Krk offers unique trails. Magic touch of nature and aromatic scents mixed with the rich cultural and historical heritage is a guarantee of an excellent experience while tasting of spring delicacies like the lamb from Krk, asparagus and ‘šurlica’, with wine, prosciutto, cheese and olives is a true gourmand discovery.

  • 13.05.-29.05.2016, Dobrinj

    Forgotten Dishes of Dobrinj Area

    Gastro festival during which in selected restaurants of the Dobrinj Area forgotten (local) dishes are prepared.

  • 20.05.-10.06.2016, Krk

    Days of the City Krk / "To St. Quirinus as a Gift"

    Programmes on the occasion of celebrating St Quirinus, protector of Krk Diocese and the city of Krk, organized by the Centre for Culture of the City of Krk.

  • 27.05.-28.05.2016, Punat

    32nd CROATIA CUP

    International sailing regatta