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Krk offers a variety of beaches, ranging from long pebble and sand ones suitable for children, to cozy hidden oases for those preferring privacy. The most popular and advertised Krk beach is Vela plaža in Baška. It is 1800 meters long and suitable for children and non-swimmers, as it is situated in the town center surrounded by restaurants, hotels, and apartment rentals. Baška has about thirty other beaches along the coast, so there is plenty to choose from.
Punat boasts great beaches same as Baška, and some of the best are little shingly ones accessible by boat or taxi boat only.

Punat and Stara Baška are only seven kilometers apart, featuring several beautiful beaches in close proximity that can be reached exclusively by boat.

Those longing for a peaceful and quiet place to relax will choose sheltered bay beaches along Krk’s coastline. Others will probably opt for popular beaches with sporting facilities and rent a boat, paddle boat, surf or simply enjoy resting in a beach chair under a parasol.



Krk is a popular and interesting place to sail. There is great availability of moorings and berths and vessels are offered for charter almost everywhere on the island. Island towns offer a great choice of water sports: water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, tube, carousels, banana boat, kneeboard, wakeboard, canoe and jet ski rentals, etc.

Punat has one of the best equipped marinas on the Adriatic coast situated in a sheltered bay. It is the oldest marina in Croatia in business since 1964 offering 800 berths of good quality along 11 quays for vessels up to 45 meters long. The marina has boat repair shops and related facilities as well. There is room for approximately 100 vessels up to 20 meters long on land, and the dry marina has a capacity of 400 vessels up to 10 meters in length.


Look for the brochure «Under the gull's wings»


Krk is a great island destination for experienced divers and those who are still learning how to practice this sport. Beginners will first have to attend a diving course delivered by experienced local trainers to master the skill of diving and upon reaching the appropriate skill level we propose an organized diving tour of the sunken Greek boat Peltastis, not far from Šilo. The Peltastis had left for her last voyage in the 1960s.

In addition to the Peltastis found lying on the bottom of the Adriatic Sea in the vicinity of Šilo, the submarine world of the islet of Plavnik hides a sunken sailboat which dates back to Napoleon’s time.

The seabed hides many surprises and attractions. The long list of dive sites features old shipwrecks, red gardens of sea fans, caves and steep underwater slopes.

Look for the brochure «The Joys of diving»


Footpaths & Bike trails - Krk Hike & Krk Bike

Krk offers over 300 kilometers of footpaths and bike trails. If you spend 4 to 6 hours walking every day, it will take you 12 days to cross the island on foot. The paths vary in length and difficulty and are most attractive in the spring and autumn months offering diverse views of the island’s stunningly beautiful nature. Whether only an outdoorsy person or a passionate climber, you will enjoy the Krk experience and its beautiful nature and cultural attractions. A challenge and good time are guaranteed.

Although paths are many and each is interesting in its own way, the Krk beltway is considered the path of all paths connecting all of the way-marked footpaths on the island. They are all connected so Krk can be explored thoroughly on foot.

Most footpaths are also bike trails. In addition to the recently reconstructed road connecting Krk and Malinska there is a bike track separated by a green belt extending along the section from the turning for Valbiska to the entrance to the town of Krk.

Look for the brochures:

«Hiking tracks and promenades»

«Across the Kvarner by bike»


Vrbnik Valley wineries, widely known for the Vrbička Žlahtina varietal, attract travelers to Kvarner and Krk throughout the year, featuring year-round wine tastings and an extensive selection of original homemade products. September and October offer much to do, and especially popular are harvest festivals and wine tours. The key event of this year’s Vinofest wine festival, always a lovely presentation of products and viticulture of Croatia’s regions, will be a special business gathering of producers and consumers in Krk. In addition to fine wine, the visitors will be able to enjoy authentic local dishes, diverse cultural and entertainment program, and professional lectures on grape growing and visit a wine-themed exhibition.


The Krk Fair is a three-day event inspired by medieval times, offering great entertainment and exhibitions and sales featuring original Croatian products. From its festive opening ceremony held in Kamplin Square (Trg Kamplin) to a spectacular maritime battle in the Krk Port, the town of Krk offers numerous unforgettable experiences including knight fights, treasure hunts and tasty dishes prepared by Krk restaurateurs.

  • 07.06.-13.09.2024,sss Njivice

    Outdoor Exhibition: Friends of the Sea

    This year, the Island of Krk will host an attractive exhibition of the "Friends of the Sea" project titled "The Island of Krk - Traditional Events", which will bring to...
  • 20.06.-30.08.2024,sss Krk

    68th Summer Events

    A festival with the longest tradition on the eastern Adriatic coast, which during June and August brings a series of concert, high-quality musical and dramatic events, exhibitions...
  • 21.06.-28.06.2024,sss Omišalj

    Festival of folk theater Čavle/Omišalj

    The festival of folk theater is a celebration of the folk dramatic expression, and this year the first host will be Omišalj. The festival of folk theater is a celebration...
  • 25.06.-20.08.2024,sss Krk

    Triola Kamplin Fest

    Triola Fest is  event organized by the City of Krk Tourist Board. Iti s held at wonderful histrorical location Square Kamplin, where visitors will be able to get to know...
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