The islet of Košljun, a historic and cultural treasure


Košljun is a cultural treasure located only 750 meters from the center of Punat. It is best known for its Franciscan monastery, a world heritage site where members of the clergy collected and stored objects of value.

There is also a museum with an ethnographic collection on the island containing numerous objects belonging to Krk fishermen and peasants and folk costumes from the entire island of Krk.

The monastery displays a rich zoological collection consisting of a big collection of shells and unique animal specimen, e.g. the one-eyed lamb. It also contains a rich library with some 30.000 books. Among them is also the Atlas Ptolomeus printed in Venice in 1511, one of the total of three preserved ones and yet another surprise for the most picky art lovers: in the church of Mary's Assumption on the main altar stands the polyptic by Girolamo da Santa Croce!


Look for the brochure "Protected natural heritage“
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