Lošinj - Island of Vitality

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If we were to say that islands have personality, and they do, Lošinj would definitely among those special ones embodying a collection of superb qualities such as long tradition, beautiful nature, clean air and a wide range of excellent offerings for tourists.

Over the years its amiable climate attracted numerous aristocrats who visited Lošinj regularly in order to improve their health. Lošinj boasts first-rate air rich in aerosols, which is why the island is a true outdoor aromatherapy center, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that people became aware of how beneficial the island climate truly is.

In 1892 Veli Lošinj and Mali Lošinj were proclaimed climatic resorts and the way for tourism development was paved. The first tourist visit to the island was recorded three years later and the first Lošinj hotel was built in 1897. The story of success in tourism and continuous development of this island as a popular destination will continue in the future.

Its 19th century palatial homes, plants from all parts of the globe brought by seafarers and images of sailboats kept in Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj homes still fostering memories of countless voyages make the ambiance truly special. More precisely, Lošinj’s success story is closely related to its rich maritime tradition: in the 19th century Lošinj was home to as many as six shipyards and it was also a known shipbuilding and shipping force in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The island’s maritime traditions, customs related to seeing off sailors and other cherished traditions have inspired various events held on the island every year.

The natural and cultural heritage of the island of Lošinj is very rich. Small churches, monasteries, Renaissance buildings, basilicas and ancient remnants are found across the island. The local museum and other venues offer ample opportunities for exploring history and art and other wonderful attractions of the island.

The most valuable archaeological find is certainly that of the ancient Greek bronze statue of the Croatian Apoxyomenos (The Scraper) found in the sea near Lošinj and those who love history will certainly enjoy the town of Osor – an outdoor museum which is an ideal setting for the Osor Musical Evenings (Osorske glazbene večeri) hosted by the town each summer.

On the five islands in the Lošinj archipelago footpaths extend for 250 kilometers, and the archipelago has some excellent dive sites and offers beautiful scenery and great sailing. More than 250 events including classical and pop concerts are organized on the islands throughout the year. Smaller islands in the archipelago are Unije, Ilovik, Susak and Vele Srakane, and there is a necklace of uninhabited islets one can enjoy exploring as well.

For more information please visit:

Town of Mali Lošinj Tourist Board

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