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Over 125 years in the tourism industry, marvelous environment, healthy climate and the continuous upgrading of the quality of offerings are the basis of Lošinj's year-round tourism activity.

Lošinj offers every type of accommodation, ranging from budget to luxury hotels, and there is always something to do here, so every type of traveler will find something to enjoy at any season of the year.

Beautiful villas and condos within meters from the beach and excellent rental properties in the most charming locations will be your perfect home away from home, as you explore the island and the heritage of Lošinj captains.

And last but not least, the island has lovely campsites and is very sailing friendly, providing everything that is required for a pleasant and safe sea travel.


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  • 27.04.-22.05.2017, Mali Lošinj

    11th Lošinj cuisine fête

    The best way to discover the treasures of this island is by tasting local cuisine. specialities. During this event, many restaurants offer local specialities at affordable prices and the main event will take place on the main square in Mali Lošinj where all restaurateurs will present their specialities.

  • 27.04.-22.05.2017, Mali Lošinj

    Festival of Apoxyomenos and Antique

    The festival promotes many experiences and products inspired by the Apoxyomenos and the Antiquity...