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Promenades and strolling paths

On the island of Lošinj as well as on other islands of its archipelago – Ilovik, Susak and Unije there is a whole network of promenades and strolling paths that bring together the possibility of pleasant active vacations but also interesting places holding out wonderful landscapes, historical attractions, local customs and autochthonous dishes of the area. The total length of the strolling paths – together with those on Cres, an island inseparable from Lošinj – is 250 kilometres.

Let's start from the less demanding seaside promenades (lungomare) dedicated to a very wide circle of strollers. These promenades follow the islands' coast, crossing numerous bays and centennial pine woods. The marvelous environment, Mediterranean horticulture to which so much attention is devoted and the excellent climate, particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers and all who have respiratory disorders, offer satisfaction, pleasure and health to all those visiting these islands, at any time of the year.

To those interested in more demanding and difficult strolling paths, we recommend the island’s interior where mountain climbing opportunities are offered, too. The goal and an extraordinary experience for these climbers will by all means be the mountain transversal Osoršćica, extending in the northern part of the island of Lošinj, for a length of some 10 kilometres. It is interesting that one of the first „tourists“ to have climbed the Osoršćica in 1887 was the heir to the throne, Rudolf Habsburg. Those who climb up the Osoršćica and other areas will be rewarded by wonderful natural attractions, belvederes and an unforgettable view of the Kvarner islands and the coast, up to the wooded Gorski kotar.

There are also thematic paths on the island of Lošinj that embrace stories about history and customs, natural attractions etc. And another peculiarity: there are no poisonous snakes on the Cres-Lošinj islands. The legend ascribes this to the blessing of the Osor bishop, St. Gaudens and scientists are still looking for a scientifically founded truth.

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Hunting and recreational fishing

Mali Lošinj has a long recreational fishing tradition confirmed by the fact that the first spear-fishing gun was brought here in the 30-ties of the 20th century. The New Year Spear-fishing Cup has been held here uninterruptedly since the year 1959 and the first World Spear-fishing Championship was held in Mali Lošinj in 1957. Lošinj was the host of the World Spearfishing Championship in 2010.

Obviously, this long local tradition could not be without its own success, so that Mali Lošinj has its European champion in spear-fishing.

In recent years hunting has been very popular on the island of Lošinj, primarily because of the quality of the hunting ground and the natural environment. The hunting season starts towards the end of the year, with possibility of hunting feathered game and small game, as well as wild boars, mouflons and fallow deer.

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Actively in the air, on or under water

Instead of listing all sports practicable in the environment of the island of Lošinj and the other islands of its archipelago, it would be much easier to mention those for which there are no conditions here. However, let's have a look at some of the opportunities…

Sailing is a sport based on long shipping tradition and coast configuration, providing sailing possibilities but also safe ports and little harbours that give shelter in bad weather conditions. The Lošinj local waters are also very attractive for wind surfing, water skiing and the like and the Lošinj submarine world with underwater caves, cracks and submerged rocks attracts divers for whom authorized diving schools have been established on the island.

He who wants to enjoy the view from above and experience the freedom of flying may try out parachuting as well as other sports. This is documented by the fact that in 1985, the year when the Lošinj airport was constructed, Mali Lošinj hosted the Parachute World Championship. In 2008 the Parachute World Championship was held here, with the participation of as many as some 20 countries.

Aware of the fact that we have not covered all air sports, sports on and under water as well as those on land, when asked about the possibility of practicing some other sport adequate to the Mediterranean climate, we reply readily: of course this is possible, too!

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