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On foot or by bike

Whether on foot or by bike, on Rab one can combine several pleasures into a unique experience: nature walks, historic tours, bathing on wonderful beaches, seaside walks, meandering through forests and urban exploration are some of the ways to pass time on Rab.

Let’s walk or cycle along the footpaths of Rab.

Lopar is one of the most beautiful and varied island’s footpaths, taking you to sandy beaches and beautiful forests. Another lovely footpath is Kalifront, connecting beautiful holm oak and pine forests and leading you to some beautiful bays.

Supetarska Draga - Gonar, leads from the Rab area to Gonar Bay in Supetarska Draga. Probably the favorite of many visitors is the Rab – Mundanije footpath that runs alongside the island’s most attractive locations from the wonderful park Komrčar in the center of Rab to the highest island peak in Mundanije. The Banjol - Barbat - Lungo Mare footpath follows the coast leading from Rab to the picturesque fishing villages of Banjol and Barbat. Above the inhabited area stand the ruins of the Early Christian fortification of St. Damian, affording a breathtaking view of the channel and Rab.

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In the sea, under the sea and on land

Rab is becoming increasingly interesting among divers. Several sunken vessels have been discovered beneath the surface of the sea and there are numerous attractive dive sites off the coast of Rab as well. For beginners and experienced divers there are several schools and equipment rentals with great offerings.
In addition, Rab is a great place for sailing, jet skiing, sea kayaking, renting a paddle boat, etc. You can also enjoy water skiing, banana boat rides, paragliding, aquagan, etc.

There is a unique “sport” that has become quite popular over the years: hop on one of Rab’s mini taxi boats run by the famous barkarijoli and take a tour of Rab bays or go on a fishing tour with a local fisherman. A pleasure to remember!

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On the beach, with or without swimwear

On Rab you will easily find a shingly, sandy, busy or isolated beach, whatever your preference. The most popular is certainly the one-mile stretch of beach called Rajska plaža (Eng. Paradise Beach) in Lopar. However, the choice is wide and the tradition of enjoying the sun and sea long. The first bathing area on the island of Rab, just opposite the town park, was built in 1895.

The island of Rab is the pioneer of naturism on the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. The month of August 1936 is frequently mentioned as the official beginning of naturism, when King Edward VIII visited Rab. The authorities allowed him to bathe naked in Kandarola Bay with his spouse. However, it is certain that naturism on Rab had begun much earlier. Namely, Rab’s first legal nudist beach was proclaimed in 1934 by the then-president of the International Naturist Association Richard Erhman from Vienna, although the naturism movement can be found in literature dating back to 1907.

The first and best known nudist beach on Rab is Kandarola, situated on the Frkanj peninsula. The second officially proclaimed nudist beach is in Stolac Bay in Lopar, not far from Rajska plaža. There are many beaches worth a mention, but especially beautiful is a mile-long coast of the Kalifront peninsula surrounded by pine forests which is a true nudist paradise. Lopar has many charming nudist beaches such as Ciganka, Stolac, Dubac...and an array of surrounding islets only accessible by boat.  

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