The Littoral area – tradition

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Hrvatsko primorje (Croatian Littoral) – a collective name for the Rivieras of Opatija, Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski and the Rijeka area – has always attracted numerous visitors with its beauty, mild climate and accessibility. Here Austrian kings and emperors used to come, have their holidays, enjoy in the climatic amenities and environment and many villas and summer  residences, promenades and parks recall those days and the place where modern Croatian tourism started. Opatija was and has remained the central place of tourism in Hrvatsko primorje but also the starting point of Croatian tourism. Together with other localities of its riviera – Volosko and Ika, Ičići and Lovran, Medveja and Mošćenička Draga – is an esteemed and attractive destination for many tourists.

Crikvenica, Jadranovo, Selce and Dramalj, representing the Riviera of Crikvenica, attract visitors by tradition, beauty and riches. Novi Vinodolski and many other attractive centres of the rivieras of Hrvatsko primorje attract guests owing to the marvellous nature, crystal clear sea but also to programmes developed for many types of tourism. Let us also mention that Novi Vinodolski is known for the Vinodolski zakonik - oldest Croatian legal document. The biggest Kvarner town, Rijeka – comprising also the surroundings with interesting tourist localities such as Kraljevica and Kostrena, Bakar and Kastav, Jelenje and Čavle - has rich history and numerous villas. Rijeka has enriched its extraordinary accessibility by ship, car, railway and plane with a new tourist « boom», whereby it has shaped up even more distinctively as a town with rich cultural-historic contents, interesting clubs for the young, possibility of organizing business meetings, as centre of religious tourism but also as a sports centre and holiday destination.


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