Rijeka and the ring

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In the very center of Kvarner lies Rijeka, one of Croatia’s largest towns. Rijeka and its ring have everything that a first-rate tourist region needs: landmarks, rich cultural programs, entertainment, fabulous beaches, romantic towns and villages and stunning nature. Rijeka provides ample opportunities for amusement, relaxation and urban exploration. More than that Rijeka is a great place for a business event or sports training. Here you will find everything you have been looking for and much more.
Rijeka harbors rich history and has numerous monuments and attractions. Throughout the year various events and festivals take place in Rijeka and the nearby towns of Kraljevica, Kostrena, Bakar, Kastav, Jelenje and Čavle. This establishes a balance between the bustling urban center of Rijeka and the more relaxed rhythm of the town's ring. Rich in history and tradition, located where the mountains meet the sea, Rijeka and the ring are more than just a historic attraction; Rijeka has numerous restaurants and bars, night clubs and various art and other types of events taking place here will suit every type of traveler. Trsat is an unavoidable landmark as the oldest Marian shrine sanctuary in Croatia. Pope John Paul II paid a visit here in 2003. A life-size statue of the beloved Pope has been erected here in his honor.
Of the unique features of Rijeka we must mention skiing on Platak with a view of the sea and the surrounding islands and adrenaline sports fans will certainly want to visit Grobnik Motordrome.
Rijeka is the cradle of numerous customs and religious traditions and one of the most popular is the famous Rijeka Carnival. The area also provides great opportunities for culinary pursuits, featuring excellent wine and locally-grown produce. It is sufficient to say that a famous dry sparkling wine used to be produced from grapes harvested in the Bakar area. These are amazing vineyards with strong vines that have persevered owing to the exceptional dedication of the local vintners.
Rijeka has plenty of everything: entertainment, attractions and natural beauty. Here one can enjoy the seaside throughout the day and spend a day in nature, and in the evening go out and explore the exciting life of this vibrant town booming with energy.
Rijeka's calendar of events is rich throughout the year - great concerts, fascinating art shows, theatrical plays and musicals, etc.

For more information please visit:

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Town of Bakar Tourist Board
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Tourist Board of the Kostrena Municipality
Tourist Board of the Čavle Municipality
Tourist Board of the Jelenje Municipality
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Tourist Board of the Viškovo Municipality


  • 01.05.-30.06.2023,sss Rijeka

    Rijeka Outdoor: events / spring 2023

    During the spring, the "Rijeka outdoor" programme offers numerous attractive sports and recreational events: from Nordic walking and hiking, to cycle races, hiking, running... The events are held in the Rijeka...
  • 01.06.-30.06.2023,sss Rijeka

    June in Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral

    The Museum has been one of the most important meeting-places of culture in the city of Rijeka for the last four decades. With its permanent display and many valuable exhibitions...
  • 01.06.-30.06.2023,sss Rijeka

    June in Croatian House of Culture in Sušak

    Exhibitions, dance shows, festivals...https://hkd-rijeka.hr...
  • 01.06.-16.06.2023,sss Rijeka

    "preOKRET" - 8th Inclusive scene festival

    The inclusive scene festival "preOKRET" is an artistic manifestation dedicated to the development of dance inclusion. The festival has been gathering fans of contemporary dance and performance art for the...
  • 04.06.-11.06.2023,sss Rijeka

    24th Fiumanka - sailing regatta

    From June 4 to 11, 2023, the 24th Fiumanka is held in Rijeka. In addition to the main cruiser regatta of the popular Fiumanka, her media, student, sup and surf...
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