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Trsat castle and the Rječina River Promenade

Trsat Castle is one of the oldest hill forts in the littoral area of Croatia, with preserved features of early medieval architecture. The walls are made of semi-processed stone and the architecture is strictly functional, subject to military requirements. The castle is situated on a 138-metre-high hill that elevates above Rijeka and the Rječina cutting. Today Trsat is one of the most visited attractions in Rijeka and Kvarner. Numerous cultural events are organized here as part of the Summer at the Castle program.
The walkway along the Rječina river begins near Trsat and ends at the river source. It is a 19.5- kilometer-long walk offering beautiful nature ideal for sports and recreation and several localities marked by signposts and tables.

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Kastav promenades

The Kastav area is popular with hikers. Located at 350 meters above sea level beautiful Loza and Lužina forests, marked tracks and historical attractions provide a variety of opportunities for hikers, mountaineers and adventurous tourists. Scenic roads and promenades, sporting grounds and beautiful nature are everything one needs for an energy-restoring holiday in a completely natural scenery and Kastav has it all.
There are three main walking routes in the Kastav area: Majevi vrh – Kastav eco-trail and Kastav – Zvirić – Stanić – Brajani – Kastav and Kastav – Jelovičani – Breza – Mačkov vrh – Šparožna jama – Stanić – Brajani – Kastav routes.
As their names tell us, the trails lead mostly through forest areas connecting different locations and the most important natural, historic and cultural attractions. Trails offer varying levels of difficulty and hikers may choose from various intensity levels. The first one is the shortest and stretches for 5.3 kilometers. Walking this trail takes a little less than two hours of moderate-intensity walking. The second one crosses several localities and stretches for about 9.3 kilometers. On average it takes three hours walking to complete this trail. The third one is the longest and the most demanding and therefore offers a greater challenge. It is almost 14.5 kilometers long and can be crossed in approximately five hours.
An apparently ordinary walk conceals many old tales and nature’s wonders. Ascents to some of the hills unveil lovely views of the local villages. Upon reaching Mačkov vrh (504 m), the highest elevation of the Kastav area, hikers can rest enjoying a marvelous view of the Kastav hinterland, Učka and Gorski kotar and beautiful views of Kvarner towards the south. One of the en-route stations are the remains of the village Cari, an extraordinary example of traditional rural architecture.   

Look for the brochure «Hiking tracks and promenades»



Grobnik Motordrome

Kvarner occupies a special place among octane sports fans, primarily because of the Grobnik Motordrome. It is a motorcycle track in the vicinity of the town of Rijeka in the Grobnik area. The track was opened for racing in 1978 and it meets strict FIA and FIM regulations. The track is 4168 meters long and has 15 bends. The track offers elevation shifts as the difference in altitude is 22 meters. Events at the motordrome include both national and international car and motorcycle races.

The Grobnik speedway is open almost 300 days a year. The first winners on the Grobnik track were Ricardo Tormo and Angel Nieto from Spain and two-time champion Greg Hansford from Austria who set the first and absolute track record of 153.110 km/h.



Platak: Skiing with a view of the sea

Have you ever skied with a view of the sea? This is also possible here! Only a half hour drive from the town of Rijeka or ten kilometers from the sea (in a straight line) Platak, a really unique skiing resort, affords a commanding and truly unique view of Kvarner Bay and the islands.
Platak is situated on the outskirts of Risnjak National Park. The highest peak is Radeševo (1363 m). In February and March, owing to the influences of mountain and Mediterranean climates, it may happen that you leave Rijeka wearing short sleeves only to need a jacket and a scarf after a mere 30 minute drive.
In addition to day and night skiing, on Platak you can enjoy snowboarding and sleighing as well, or simply go for a nice walk, have a cup of coffee or a savory meal any time of the year.



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