Rijeka Carnival – the Fifth Season of the Year!


The international carnival in Rijeka is organized every year since 1982. The carnival always has a great turnout and it is seen as the fifth season of the year! It is enough to say that Rijeka Carnival is viewed as one of the most famous carnivals in the world, together with the carnivals in Rio de Janeiro and Venice.

This event rests on a long tradition. More precisely, a hundred years ago Rijeka lived its carnival life more intensively than any other city in this part of Europe. Carnival parades and balls were organized for the Austrian and Hungarian nobility, Russian princesses, German barons, and countesses and counts from the entire Europe. The carnival madness starts by selecting the queen of the carnival and the handover of the town keys and continue with carnival festivities and a children’s parade. The climax is the International Carnival Parade (Međunarodna karnevalska povorka), an excellent blend of tradition and an imaginative overview of the current social developments in which numerous groups and allegoric vehicles parade and which is followed by millions of people via TV or the Internet.

The carnival is followed by the most colorful auto-rally in Europe the Masked Paris-Bakar Rally and numerous other entertainment ad sporting events.

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    Rijeka Carnival 2022

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