Kastav: Over Six Centuries of Bela Nedeja


Each year at the beginning of October Kastav celebrates Bela nedeja (White Sunday) – a rich four-day event in honor of young Belica, a vine variety native to Kvarner. In order to ensure that everyone has a good time, a rich all-day program is organized. That is not unusual since Bela nedeja is a traditional holiday in Kastav considered by many locals far more important than New Year’s Eve.

The Bylaws of the Town of Kastav dating from 1400, in which Bela nedeja (the day from which everything was counted – the work of laborers and maids was contracted from one Bela nedeja to another, the work in the woods would finish on Bela nedeja, accounting was done on Bela nedeja, money was borrowed until Bela nedeja) occupies a special place, proves that it has been so for centuries now… Bela nedeja was the day on which people traded and had fun and that tradition has continued until the present day. There is a series of other specific features on account of which the Kastav Bela nedeja is known far outside the local boundaries as well.

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