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The Crikvenica – Novi Vinodol Riviera

Activity holidays, health tourism and historic richness

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The Crikvenica-Novi Vinodol Riviera region combines natural and historic attractions in a unique way.
In addition to usual leisure activities, long walks and taking in wonderful views, here one can enjoy replenishing beauty and health treatments. Your thirst for knowledge will be satisfied as well, as the area boasts rich history.
Regional hotspots are Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski, popular tourist destinations with a long tradition as excellent destinations for travelers seeking activity holidays.
The Crikvenica Riviera has over 200 years of experience in tourism. Countless fashionable villas and hotels popular among high society members have been built here over the years. Lovely nature and ideal climate combined with high-end amenities are keys to the popularity of this part of the coast.
There are several lovely coastal towns in the Crikvenica surroundings, such as Jadranovo, Selce and Dramalj, each offering a unique charm.
The Novi Vinodolski Riviera is a combination of extraordinary historical and cultural heritage and beautiful nature. The oldest Croatian legal document called Vinodolski zakonik (The Vinodol Code) was created in Novi Vinodolski, the center of the Riviera. Here are the origins of the Mažuranić family into which several writers and governors (ban) were born. The chain of Frankopan castles stands here in memory of the glorious past of the region. Tourists are attracted to this area because of its mild climate, numerous beaches and promenades, luscious greenery, dense forests and a refreshing combination of sea and mountain air.
Vinodol Municipality comprises the localities of Drivenik, Tribalj, Grižane and Bribir and is situated in Vinodol, a valley that the Romans called Vallis vinearia. In the vicinity is a fortification built by the Frankopan family, also known as Croatian princes, under whom the area flourished and to whom numerous cultural monuments are attributed.
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Town of Crikvenica Tourist Board  
Town of Novi Vinodolski Tourist Board
Tourist Board of the Vinodol Municipality

  • 06.07.-31.08.2016, Novi Vinodolski

    Around the Old town / Okolotorno

    Experience a mosaic of old crafts, taste unique products, enjoy the scents of the Mediterranean accomparied by the sounds of choir and musicians. Walk around the Old town every Wednesday.

  • 14.07.-18.08.2016, Dramalj

    Melodies with a Taste of the Sea

    Do you know how melodies sound with a taste of the sea? We have found two perfect places where the music sounds even better and warms our hearts even more. The quaint coastal towns of Dramalj and Jadranovo are the perfect hosts for such events. The beautiful nature, the murmur of the sea, and the romantic atmosphere give the well-known melodies a totally new dimension.

  • 15.07.-20.08.2016, Bribir

    Vinodol's Summer Evenings

    Vinodol's Summer Evenings offer a combination of concerts of classical music and the concerts of ethno music and especially the locals of Vinodol. Concerts are held on attractive locations of castles and churches in Vinodol.

  • 16.07.-30.07.2016, Jadranovo

    "Jakovlja 2016." / St. Jacob`s Days