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For almost two centuries the Crikvenica-Novi Vinodol Riviera has been a known tourist destination. Its glorious past has left traces in the form of luxurious buildings, numerous attractions and long-existing restaurants with excellent service. 

Guests will find ample choice of accommodation, including five-star hotels, cosy family establishments, house and apartment rentals and other affordable options. Rooms and apartments are available for rent in private households, which is a great way to meet the locals and make new friends.

Beautiful nature attracts campers and sailors and campsites and marinas in the area are well-equipped and simply lovely.


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  • 02.07.-27.08.2015, Novi Vinodolski

    Croatian Evening

    Every Thursday. Location: terrace Vrtić, at 8 pm.

  • 02.07.-27.08.2015, Novi Vinodolski

    Wine evening "Kod bačve" (At the Barrel)

    Every Thursday. Location: Pavlomir Vinery, at 7 pm.

  • 07.07.-25.08.2015, Novi Vinodolski

    Fishermen`s Night

    Every Tuesday. Location: terrace Vrtić, at 8 pm.

  • 09.07.-20.08.2015, Dramalj

    Melodies with the taste of the sea

  • 14.07.-11.08.2015, Novi Vinodolski

    International Classical Music Festival