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Crikvenica has been a popular seaside resort for over a century. Its temperate climate and lush evergreen foliage make an ideal setting for its popular health resort, which is continuing Crikvenica’s long tradition in health and medical tourism.
The town has beautiful pebble beaches and sandy areas providing great opportunities for water sports and its long promenades, footpaths and bike tracks are great for sports enthusiasts. Also, with its fashionable palaces and historic treasures Crikvenica is a great destination for visitors enjoying classical music, concerts, fisherman’s festivities, street festivals and carnival celebrations. Moving inland from the coast, you will come across lovely villages, including Grižane where the famous miniature painter Julije Klović was born at the end of the 15th century.

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Town of Crikvenica Tourist Board

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Selce is located in a picturesque bay close to Crikvenica. It is the southernmost town on the Crikvenica Riviera. Much credit for its popularity goes to the architects who gave it its lovely look of a quaint seaside holiday resort with numerous charming cafes and restaurants. Selce is a popular year-round health resort ideal for recovering patients and people suffering from rheumatic and respiratory illnesses. Visitors have ample opportunities for entertainment, relaxation and activity holidays.

Dramalj and Jadranovo


Owing to the accessibility to the beach and its many sports and recreational facilities, Dramalj is particularly suitable for family and activity holidays. It has beautiful nudist beaches, great places for people enjoying sports, lovely restaurants and a marvellous view of the island of Krk, which is an attraction of itself.

Jadranovo is situated on the coast, luring travellers with its intact nature, beautiful beaches, charming promenade and peaceful ambiance. It used to be a village of fishermen and bricklayers and today it is a cosy seaside town popular with people who enjoy staying in privately owned homes instead of hotels. Some of the local attractions are Lokvišće Bay, a valuable archaeological locality dating from the period of ancient Rome with curative mud, and St. Jacob's Church and Jadranovo’s summer event calendar is filled with entertainment and cultural events.

Novi  Vinodolski


Novi Vinodolski is an interesting tourist destination providing great possibilities for relaxation, recreation, sightseeing and entertainment. In the Middle Ages the area was home to the Dukes of Frankopan same as the fertile Vinodol valley the Romans called Vallis vinearia. In 1288 The Vinodol Code was written here, one of the most important documents of Croatian Medieval common law. In the architectural monuments of Novi Vinodolski, its churches, libraries and treasuries, many Glagolitic books and works of art are kept.
The wider town area features numerous promenades, cycling tracks and belvederes. Of the numerous cultural and entertainment events especially fun are the International Summer Carnival and Ružica Vinodola (Vinodol Rose).

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Town of Novi Vinodolski Tourist Board

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Vinodol Municipality: Drivenik, Tribalj, Grižane and Bribir

The Vinodol Municipality comprises the towns of Drivenik, Tribalj, Grižane and Bribir. They have developed in the vicinity of medieval fortifications built by the Frankopan family to whom the cultural development of the region is largely attributed. Nestled where the woods meet the sea, Vinodol Municipality has that special something. Mountain climbing fans have several way-marked trails to choose from and there are lovely bike trails and hunting areas. Tribalj is a popular paragliding airfield and fishing on the local lake is a great leisure activity.

For more information please visit:

Tourist Board of the Vinodol Municipality


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    Crikvenica Carnival

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    Carnival in Novi Vinodolski

    Traditional carnival festivites in Novi Vinodolski
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    Carnival in Vinodol

    Traditional carnival festivites in Bribir, Grižane, Tribalj and Drivenik
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