The Opatija Riviera

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Have you ever wished to go back, by time machine, to some past, more romantic times? To the time when kings and emperors, many crowned heads used to come right here on holiday…. And then to return to  present days, with greater awareness of the opportunities that modern times offer?! Both things are possible on the Opatija Riviera, with Opatija as its  focus, but with many other attractive tourist centres: Volosko and Ika, Ičići and Lovran, Medveja and Mošćenička Draga.
 With the wonderful architecture of elegant villas, luxuriant parks with plants from all over the world and a rich supply of hotels and hospitality facilities, Opatija is an unavoidable, traditional destination for many  visitors at all times of the year. Equally attractive, each with its own story, identity and  recognizable manifestations are other centres of this riviera. Walks, wellness programmes, walking trips or mountain climbing are pleasant at any time of the year just like attendance of concerts and other cultural events and manifestations based on tradition and on the gastronomic ace cards of this region. Opatija and the whole riviera are also attractive throughout the year for congresses, conferences and meetings because the local hosts have great experience and an excellent reputation in this business.

For more information, visit the website:

Town of Opatija Tourist Board
Tourist Board of the Lovran Municipality
Tourist Board of the Matulji Municipality
Tourist Board of the Mošćenička Draga Municipality
Ičići Tourist Board

  • 01.06.-30.06.2023,sss Lovran

    21st Cherry Days in Lovran

    Cherry, an apparently simple fruit known to everyone, has created a real gastronomic sensation around it. The special cherry variety "brtošinka" that grows in Lovran and surrounding stands out for...
  • 01.06.-30.09.2023,sss Veprinac

    Opatija Time Travel

    Walks through the history of Opatija in the company of interesting figures from the town's past, performances by klapa vocal groups and the Zora folklore ensemble, classic car rides -...
  • 02.06.-02.09.2023,sss Opatija

    Summer in Open Air Theatre

    The venue for a variety of concerts, musicals, operas and festivals, Opatija’s Open Air Theatre is a must-go place for all in search of great entertainment programmes.  This year's summer programme...
  • 09.06.-10.06.2023,sss Rupa

    The Pirate Bay Picigin Cup

    The Pirate Bay Picigin Cup is a two-day event, which will be held in Malinska for the second time, and this year, following the example of the previous one, it...
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