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You should have only one criterion when choosing a place to stay in Kvarner and that is your preference. Opatija has everything: five-star hotels, lovely four and three-star and bed & breakfast hotels, summer rentals in beautiful villas and other types of accommodation offering maximum comfort. There are several popular campsites in the Opatija area and excellently equipped docks and other facilities for yachts.


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  • 01.08.-28.08.2016, Opatija

    Summer of 2016 at the Open Air Theatre

    A series of concerts at the Open Air Theatre

  • 01.08.-04.09.2016, Lovran

    Summer in Lovran

    Concerts, exhibitions and festivities at different locations in Lovran

  • 23.08.-28.08.2016, Opatija

    Liburnia Film Festival

    The Liburnia Film Festival is the first documentary film festival in Croatia. For visitors from abroad, films are shown with English subtitles.Culture correspondents selected the LFF as the one of the most significant cultural event in the Kvarner region.

  • 27.08.-28.08.2016, Volosko

    Mandrać 2016 - International painters` competition

    For the last few decades, the Mandrać international painting competition has been presenting the most valuable aspect of the art – the act of creation, which takes place directly in front of visitors and fellow artists. This is an "ex tempore" painting competition where artworks are created "on the spot" and which every year attracts numerous artists and art lovers to Volosko. The event lasts for two days: the first day is dedicated to children up to the age of 14, and the second day to their older colleagues in amateur and professional categories. The best works win valuable awards, and the event ends with a concert in the small harbour of Volosko.