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Opatija is a fashionable year-round tourist getaway with a long-standing tradition and recognizable Secession-style architecture. A small fishing village next to Benedictine Abbey, wherefrom the place takes its name, and St. Jacob's Church (mentioned as far back as 1449) has grown almost overnight into a popular tourist center. The person most deserving for the development of tourism in Opatija was Ignacio Scarpa, an aristocrat from Rijeka who erected a summer residence here in 1844 naming it after his beloved wife Angiolina. Numerous eminent guests visited this nobleman over the years and Opatija gradually grew into a celebrity holiday destination. Hotel Kvarner opened in 1884, Kronprinzessin Stephanie (today Hotel Imperial) in 1885 and soon followed the opening of the Quissiassana hotel (Hotel Opatija). In time the town’s beautiful park and lovely seaside and forest promenades were built. Known for its mild climate, in 1907 Opatija was the second most popular health resort among 243 health resorts in the Austrian part of the Monarchy, right after Karlovy Vary.
Visitors will be enchanted by the splendor of local architecture, especially the palaces and parks filled with luscious greenery and native plants. Some will remember it for its unique, 12-km-long seaside promenade (Lungomare), but everyone will remember its unique charm and old world allure. Opatija is a destination for all seasons, featuring attractions that appeal to all tourists: historical buildings, landmarks, high-end hotels, marinas, congress centers and numerous restaurants.

For more information please visit:

Town of Opatija Tourist Board

Best small towns to visit: Dobreć, Ika, Oprič, Pobri, Vela Učka, Veprinac



Named after the evergreen and medicinal laurel (laurus nobilis) Lovran deserves the epithet “attractive” owing to its rich historical heritage, centuries-old tradition, beautiful nature and built-up infrastructure. It is cherished for the heart of the old town, medieval attractions offering lovely examples of Mediterranean urban architecture and several villas included in the world's architectural heritage. The pleasant climate, luxuriant foliage and convenient location were responsible for the strong tourist boom in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and, with Opatija, it has become the key destination of the famous Opatija Riviera.
The town is also known for superb chestnuts endemic to Lovran, featuring high-quality characteristics and specific taste. The famous Marunada (Chestnut Festival) is dedicated to the celebration of this endemic plant.

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Tourist Board of the Lovran Municipality


Matulji is a lovely town situated where Kvarner meets the mountainous hinterland, particularly interesting to adventure seekers, as it is conveniently located and surrounded with stunning nature ideal for activity holidays. The nearby campsite Preluk nestled in Preluk Bay provides ideal conditions for windsurfing and other water sports. Those fond of walking, mountain climbing, cycling and photo safaris will find that Lisina Forest Park has everything.
One of the attractions particularly popular with tourists is the traditional Bell Ringers’ Parade included in the UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Bell ringers are masked and their movements and ringing chase the winter away in January and February, symbolizing fertility and the arrival of spring.

For more information please visit:

Tourist Board of the Matulji Municipality

Best small towns to visit: Bregi, Jurdani, Jušići, Rupa

Mošćenička Draga

The symbol of Mošćenička Draga, a popular fishing town with a rich past, is one of the most stunning beaches in Kvarner. Having retained the charms of a fishing village up to the present day, Mošćenička Draga has that special allure that attracts tourists seeking the traditional Mediterranean atmosphere. Villages on the hill slopes will attract foodies and anyone enjoying fine wine, excellent prosciutto and local food, especially fish and seafood dishes.

For more information please visit:

Tourist Board of the Mošćenička Draga Municipality

Best small towns to visit: Brseč, Mošćenice


This seaside town close to Opatija is best known for its beautiful marina with excellent facilities. In addition to being a great base for yachtsmen, it is an ideal destination for travelers looking for a peaceful seaside holiday destination and a true experience of the Mediterranean. Local hotels and private villas provide a welcoming and comfortable stay and Ičići Town Beach offers great opportunities for water sports. 

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Ičići Tourist Board


Medveja is a tourist town that got its name from a location featured in the legend of the Greek sorceress Medea. Legend says that she used to bathe on a stunningly beautiful long pebble beach. Once a typical fishing village, Medveja gradually developed into a popular tourist destination featuring a spacious campsite, hotel and numerous houses to rent. A pleasant walk across a hiking path leads from Medveja to the village of Lovranska Draga in Učka Nature Park located at 600 meters above sea level. Your reward will be a commanding view of Kvarner Bay!

For more information please visit:

Tourist Board of the Lovran Municipality

Map of Kvarner

  • 01.06.-30.09.2022,sss Opatija

    Opatija Time Travel

    Walks through the history of Opatija in the company of interesting figures from the town's past, performances by klapa vocal groups and the Zora folklore ensemble, classic car rides –...
  • 04.06.-03.09.2022,sss Matulji

    Matulji Summer Evenings - Tramontana će vas ofriškat

    The event "Matulji Summer Evenings - Tramontana će vas ofriškat" has been held in Matulji since 1995. Until the construction of the Amphitheater in 2016, theatre plays, cinema screenings, concerts...
  • 06.06.-20.09.2022,sss Opatija

    Exhibition by Salvador Dalí: "Nadstvarno"

    An exhibition of works by Salvador Dalí entitled "Nadstvarno" will be open in the Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion in Opatija until September 20th 2022. The works are from the collection...
  • 27.07.-24.08.2022,sss Matulji

    Interpretation tours on e-bikes across the Matulji Municipality

    During the July and August, Tourist Board of the Municipality of Matulji is organizing a recreational and educational interperation tours on e-bikes for tourists and their hosts in four languages. Interpretation...
  • 05.08.-07.08.2022,sss Ičići

    Masters Ičići Open

    A three-day beach volleyball tournament that brings together players from all over Europe and the world.
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