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Opatija hotels offer varied wellness, beauty and fitness programs. Professional staff, fine cosmetics infused with Mediterranean herbs and beauty treatments specially tailored to your needs will have you feeling utterly refreshed.




Walks and mountain-climbing

A beautiful 12-km-long coastal path from Volosko through Opatija, Ika and Ičići, extending all the way to Lovran has everything a proper shore walk should have. It winds along the coast leading you to marvelous parks, lovely trails and stunning landscapes. If you like a challenge, remember that Učka is towering above the Opatija Riviera, so enjoy the climb or choose something else to your preference from countless outdoor activities to enjoy here!

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For those fond of water sports, especially sailing, Opatija is an ideal place. There are two nautical ports on the Opatija Riviera, Opatija and Ičići, or you can anchor your yacht in one of lovely bays found along the coast. Enjoy sailing and reaching your destination!

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The world beneath the surface of the sea in Kvarner features attractive locations and great opportunities to explore underwater flora and fauna, submerged caves and shipwrecks. Enjoy private or group diving courses organized by local diving clubs or plan your own adventure. Make sure you choose a trainer with a valid Croatian Diving Association License. Excursions, photo safaris and cave diving are only some of the options. You can rent all the necessary equipment and assistance will be provided in case of emergency.

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The Opatija Riviera features numerous activities and events throughout the year, such as concerts, performances of plays and musicals, music forums etc. Particularly interesting are original venues and the quality of program is enviable, same as the production and the number of performances by top Croatian and foreign artists. Although there are many places on the Opatija Riviera worth mentioning, the most impressive is certainly Opatija’s Open Air Summer Theater, the main stage for rock concerts, jazz festivals, musicals, operas and other events. Classical music concerts and other live performances are held in historic sites and buildings in Opatija, such as the unique Villa Angiolina, Hotel Kvarner, Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion, etc. Different events take place throughout the area, especially in the neighboring towns of Lovran and Kastav.  

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ASPARAGUS FESTIVAL & Gathering of Liburnija Accordion Players

In the month of April the old heart of Lovran becomes a lively place as Trg slobode transforms into a stage on which Lovran’s hoteliers, restaurateurs and caterers offer delicious wild asparagus and asparagus dishes prepared according to traditional recipes. The event features a themed program (fostering traditional music - the accordion of Trieste locally known as trieštinka, folklore, entertainment and dancing). The festival is enriched with performances by skilled accordionists held at hotels and other venues. The closing festivity includes the preparation of vela fritaja (a large egg omelet) from 1000 eggs and 30 kg asparagus. Accompanied by guides from the mountaineering clubs, all visitors are invited to participate in the asparagus harvest and the preparation of asparagus dishes.




Days of Cherries

June is the month in which Lovran and the wider area turn red as the fruits of Brtošinka, a cherry variety native to Lovran, begin appearing in the trees. At that time Lovran cafés, restaurants and numerous stands in Trg Slobode in the old heart of Lovran offer freshly picked cherries, beautiful cherry cakes and other dishes prepared from this juicy fruit. The event is spiced by a rich folklore, entertainment and dance program and the making of a 10-meter-long cherry strudel marks the closing ceremony and culminates the joyous month of celebration.
Date: June

  • 06.01.-22.02.2023,sss Mošćenice

    Carnival in Mošćenička Draga

    Traditional carnival festivites in Mošćenička Draga and Mošćenice
  • 06.01.-22.02.2023,sss Matulji

    Carnival in Matulji

    Traditional carnival festivites in Matulji Municipality
  • 17.01.-22.02.2023,sss Opatija

    Opatija Carnival

    Every year, carnival in Opatija and its surroundings begins on the Feast Day of St. Anthony on 17th January. This period is locally known as "the fifth season". To experience carnival...
  • 17.01.-22.02.2023,sss Lovran

    Lovran Carnival

    Traditional carnival festivities in Lovran
  • 22.01.-09.02.2023,sss Matulji

    Matuljicious Carnival+ edition

    Gastro, outdoor and entertainment programme during January and February
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