Učka Nature Park


Enjoy in one of the most beautiful panoramas in this part of Europe!

The Učka Nature Park is situated along the North Adriatic coast and is comprised of the homonymous mountain Učka and part of the Čićarija area. It covers a surface of 160 km2, the highest peaks being Vojak 1401 m and Veli Planik, 1272 m. It is just from the highest peak Vojak that an impressive view extends, on sunny days, over Istria, the Kvarner islands, Gorski kotar mountains up to Venice and the Alps. Unforgettable!

Učka has been proclaimed a Nature Park as protected area, owing to the relief and the immediate vicinity of the sea that has enabled the development of specific climate and luxuriant forest vegetation. Among the numerous endemic, endangered and protected plant and animal species we single out the endemic bellflower Učkarski zvončić. The Učka Nature Park is one of the rare spots where you can watch griffon vultures or the golden eagle. There are two instructive paths in the area, a mythical-historic path and a promenade.

The area of the Nature Park also displays the archaeological, architectural and cultural heritage. Here it is possible to practice mountain climbing, cycling, photography, bird watching, free climbing, hang-gliding, paragliding and potholing

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