Seaside promenade (Lungo mare)


Can you imagine how many people have walked along the Opatija promenade (lungomare) in the past hundred years?!
 The lungomare connects the tourist destinations Volosko, Opatija, Ika, Ičići and Lovran.
Its first, north section was built in 1889, exactly the year when Opatija was officially proclaimed a climatic, health resort and the south  section was completed in 1911. Walking along the 12 kilometre long promenade, enjoying in the sea air you will pass by the most attractive locations of this riviera, beautiful parks with vegetation typical of the area, pass  villas and famous hotels and you will stop by the Maiden with the Seagull, Opatija's symbol and one of its most recognizable motifs.


For more information please visit:

Town of Opatija Tourist Board
Tourist Board of the Lovran Municipality
Look for the brochure «Hiking tracks and promenades»

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