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Vrbnička žlahtina

Kvarner boasts excellent wines which you can enjoy during your stay or take home as precious souvenirs from Kvarner, among which we would like to draw your attention to Vrbnička žlahtina, a quality dry white wine produced from an authentic grape variety called White Zlahtina (žlahtina bijela). It is grown in the Vrbnik Field (Vrbničko polje) on the island of Krk. The wine is recognized by its pale to straw yellow colour, mild aroma and excellent, distinct taste. This 11 percent alcohol wine goes best with goat cheese, all types of fish and seafood specialties, and white meat dishes. 

Rab cake

The recipe for Rab Cake (Rapska torta) which dates from 1177 when, as the legend says, it was first served to Pope Alexander the Third on the occasion of the consecration of the Rab Cathedral, has been preserved from oblivion by the nuns living in that area. This sweet delicacy that, in spite of its name, is not a cake in the true meaning of the word and lasts longer than ordinary cakes, represents today an authentic souvenir from the island of Rab. Its basic ingredients include almonds, fragrant lemon and Maraschino. The other ingredients, including the ones that have been kept secret for centuries, might be discovered by you.

Honey and Honey Products

Honey from Gorski kotar, honey from the islands, honey enriched with aromatic herbs, etc. Whatever honey or honey product you choose, rest assured that the taste of Kvarner, its clean nature and specific features are ‘captured’ in it. This is exactly why this honey is not an energy potion but an aid in the preservation of health and treatment of diseases due to its own properties and the aromatic herbs contained in it. Is there anything more that you can wish for yourself and others?


Whatever part of Kvarner you may find yourselves in, your encounter with nature and vegetation will always be marked with fragrances of spices. Laurel, rosemary, sage, lavender, thyme, etc. There is a long list of wild spices that you will be able to smell here. If you take them with you – in bouquets, bags or as essential oils – you will take home with you the fragrances and tastes of Kvarner and that is exactly what you wanted!


Olive Oil

You must have passed old olive orchards while walking across the Kvarner Islands or the coastal area. Maybe you have also had a chance to watch olive oil being produced here, on site? The valuable properties of olive oil, the most important ingredient of the exceptionally healthy Mediterranean cuisine, help reduce the level of cholesterol and the emergence of heart, veins and nervous system diseases, etc. It acts as an anti-oxidant and protects from cancer. In short, it is a souvenir but also a medicine, although you would never call it so as it tastes so good!


Cheese is surely one of the Kvarner specialties. Depending on the tradition, region and the type of milk used, cheeses differ but have common properties as well: authentic taste, quality and beneficial effect on health. Have you tasted the Grobnik cheese, a fat, hard, yellowish goat cheese of full taste and pleasant smell? Cheeses from the Kvarner Islands are also famous. Each of them is special but there are common properties as well: they are made from goat or sheep milk and represent high quality cheeses differing, depending on the island of origin, by the secret used in the preparation of the same. Cheese lovers will surely like the traditionally and naturally cured and smoked cheeses from Gorski kotar made from high quality cow milk. Whatever cheese you choose and take with you as an edible souvenir, one thing is sure: you have chosen an excellent cheese!

Liquors and Brandies

Your Kvarner hosts will often offer you homemade brandies and liquors both as aperitifs and digestifs. These brandies and liquors are not just ordinary drinks: their fruit basis, which depends on the region and the fruit that grows in it, is special because of the aromatic herbs, fruit additions and the imagination of the maker. It’s simple: pure nature, traditional recipes and innovativeness make the Kvarner liquors and brandies true creations!


Do you know what a morčić is? A small head of a black man with a white turban known as morčić is the most recognizable souvenir from Rijeka and Kvarner that you can adorn yourself with. It most frequently appears as jewelry, mainly earrings, but can also often be bought as a decorative brooch or a ring or needle decoration. It can also be purchased as an independent figurine in various sizes. Since it is a very nice souvenir based on tradition, many tourists buy it as a gift to themselves or their dear ones.

Wooden Bowls

Take home and present as a gift to your dearest ones something recognizable from Gorski kotar! We are, of course, referring to useful wooden products. The masters from this forest-covered area have designed an exclusive line of household products, thus continuing the two-centuries-old tradition in wood processing. These bowls are nicely designed and useful and, thanks to the manner of processing and protection using natural coatings, they are also simple to maintain and last longer. One more thing: they are made of wood managed in accordance with strict ecological and economic criteria!

Wool and Wool Products

If you wish to take home with you an original souvenir, let it be a usable wool product woven in the traditional way! Particularly interesting are the wool products from the island of Cres, where an association of enthusiasts has taken on a very demanding task of reviving the traditions and life of the island and using the island resources. Both decorative and usable products from sheep wool are made applying the traditional processing technique. Their beauty is a reminder of a pleasantly spent vacation, dear images as well as an incentive to return.

Opatijska kamelija

An original souvenir, Opatija’s Camellia Cake (Opatijska kamelija), has a unique fruity taste depending on the season and its additional secret ingredients remind of the fragrances of the Mediterranean. Opatija’s Camellia Cake is characterized by an exquisite fruity taste of figs, almonds, oranges, raisins, chocolate and marzipan as well as a unique appearance reminding of that ‘royal’ flower. The cake can be bought in original packaging in the Millenium, Bristol and Imperial Hotels.


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