Trains have been used to reach Kvarner since the early beginnings of tourism in this area, i.e. since the 19th century. Kvarner and its railroads were so closely connected that it is difficult to say whether it is the trains that brought tourism to Kvarner or it is tourism that brought trains to this region.

Although nowadays people often choose to travel by car, those who decide to travel by train will actually make a very good decision since Kvarner has rail connections to all parts of Europe. You will get all the information you need by browsing through the train schedule.

For more information please visit:
Trg kralja Tomislava 1
Tel. 051/ 213 333
Information 060/ 333 444 
International ticket office 051/ 211 304

Tel. 051/274 102

Tel. 051/812 207

Tel. 060/333 444

Brod Moravice
Tel. 060/333 444

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