Cultural Tours

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Kvarner is a region distinguished by an exceptionally dynamic past and a rich heritage of significance to the entire country. To explore the rich historical and cultural treasures, simply follow the paths of the Glagolitic writers and Croatian literacy, learn all there is to know about the Baška Tablet (Baščanska ploča) and the Vinodol Law Codex (Vinodolski zakonik), about the history of the Frankopan family, the precious items stored at the Franciscan Monastery on Košljun or about Apoxiomen, an ancient Greek athlete. There is a myriad of possibilities and interesting ways to get acquainted with the cultural identity of Kvarner and become richer for knowing something new and valuable about Kvarner´s, Croatian´s as well as world cultural heritage.

For more information, look for the brochure «Kvarner's Cultural History» 

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